Wednesday, 14 March 2007


I am having a wobble this evening. Three weeks on Friday, Any Way You Want Me is published. Copies are in the warehouse right now, apparently. Twenty author copies are winging their way to me. Actual copies of my novel!!!

That's good, right? I know what you're thinking: What's the problem, you drama queen? Stop moaning. Get a grip! Bombs are going off around the world, people are starving, and you're still banging on about your wretched book! Leave it out!

I know all that. But I am still having a wobble. Up until now, the ride has been great. It's over a year since I got the call - They said yes! They've made you an offer! - right in the middle of W H Smiths, actually. I thought I was going to pass out with joy. This was my big dream, my biggest ambition, getting a novel published. Wow. It was going to happen, really actually happen!

And ever since then, it's been so exciting - telling all my friends, meeting all the lovely publishing people, seeing the proofs and cover, writing this blog - in fact, being Lucy Diamond has been great full stop so far. I have loved it. The thing is, that exciting limbo period is coming to an end quite soon. And for as long as I've known my novel is going to be published, I've had all these amazing little day dreams about it. Of course I have - wouldn't you? Surely every author does this - fantasises about being there in the bestseller lists, the film options, the pats on the back, the glowing reviews. Oh, I've so enjoyed thinking about all that!

But in three weeks' time, that bit is over. Reality kicks in. I'll find out at last what people actually think of it. I am terrified, you know. I'm really nervous. What if everyone thinks it's awful? What if it is panned in the reviews? What if all the playground mums think I'm a complete slapper? (I bet they will)

I've got a review coming out this Sunday but I'm so nervous I'm not even going to tell you which newspaper it's in, just in case it's bad. (If it IS bad, forget it, you'll never hear from me again, I'm taking to bed for the rest of the year.) Oh helpppp!!!

I know I'm being overly dramatic about all this. I will probably be fine tomorrow.
Bloody hell.
Three weeks, two days and counting...


tea and cake said...

and tomorrow it will be three weeks and one day!

Well done you, for getting this far! Written And Published.

Good luck and best wishes. x

Dave said...

Hope it all goes well. For me, this was the best bit - all the anticipation, then seeing the book in shops...

Jen said...

Crumbs, I'd be crumpled with fear too in your sparkly shoes. But it's just the start! I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to see your book Actually in Book Shops, with People Picking It Up and Touching It.

Wobbles are normal.

Bit cross that I'm going to have to buy ALL the Sunday papers now though ;0)


liz fenwick said...

When and where is the party???? Focus on the things you can manage like a party which will help to distract you from the big unknowns.........Also all the locatal marketing you need to do like the local paper etc (can you tell I went on a marketing course this weekeend?)Also asking all your friends to go to bookshops and do a little reaaranging to make sure your book is visible!

Helen said...

I don't think you are a drama queen at all. I think what you are feeling is perfectly normal and if I were in your shoes I would be feeling exactly the same (oh to be in your shoes though!)

I agree with Liz though (I would as a former marketing professional!). Go out there and sell your books. Get into the local paper. Do you have any local magazines? You could write a short article for them and they could mention your book at the bottom. Carole Matthews does just that near where I live. All of this will give you something to make you feel less in control about how your book sells.

If the review is bad (I am sure it won't be)- that is just one and I'm sure you'll get lots of nice things said about you on the amazon website ;-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks, all of you - I appreciate your comments. I feel a bit calmer today - have bought myself some daffs to cheer me up and have got a brand new mantra:

It's only a book!

And you're right to suggest that Doing Stuff is a good solution. I've already done a few interviews and am trying to set up some more. Have arranged a signing in town (Brighton Waterstones, April 21st, come along if you are local!) and will get a load of fliers printed up, and ask mates to hand them out to people. And of course, I am counting on my lovely blog readers to reposition copies of the book on the bestseller table for me when it's out...please! ;)

So, it's working, I'm feeling better. Thank you for letting me spout off!
And it's only a book, after all...

Caroline said...

Sweetie - I have shivers for you. Huge hugs x I can't wait to read it. You're a star. Take a deep breath and enjoy the final bit of the ride. It is so very exciting. If you come up North - please let me know. Please. Then you can sign my copy for me ;-)


Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks Caroline, I will definitely let you know next time I'm up north. I want your autograph too, you know!

Jessica said...

Oh scary. But you will be fine. It's a lovely book, and everyone will love it.

My tip would be to prepare for slighlt 'post-natal' depression on pbulication. My mum, seasoned writer with bags of books under her belt, says she still gets this, and the best thing to do is accept it and make sure you've got something else to work on.

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks, Jess - I can really imagine having a 'crash' after publication as you say. All that adrenalin and expectation for so long...and then it's over.

Still, luckily I've got a house move to throw myself into. That will keep me distratcted!

PS Who's your mum, btw? I'm curious!

Kate said... wouldn't be human if you didn't wobble at this point but as Dave says, it's a marvellously exciting time.

And as another lucky person who has read it, I KNOW it's going to do so well.

Agree with Jess, though, plan some nice things for the few weeks afterwards. And try to switch off your internet, or you will be checking amazon ALL THE TIME.

Kate xx

Caroline said...

So glad I came back to read your comments - a post publication depression. It makes sense. But you'll have novel 2 to look forward to.

Kate's an expert and she says it'll be ok. So it will.


Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks Kate - just what I needed to hear. I'm going to use your lovely quote on my fliers, by the way!