Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Well hung

Good meeting yesterday with one of my children's book editors. She came to my house and we discussed all the work in progress, then I took her to a nice pub up the road for lunch. Sometimes I do love being an author. The lunch bit is definitely the best, I reckon. I've nearly finished the series I'm writing for them - last book to be delivered at the end of this month, so I chanced my arm and pitched a new idea for another series. It was a bit rough and ready, I only had about two sentences to say about it, no characters or plots lined up at all, just an idea, but she liked it and is going to speak to the publishing director about it. Now I just have to think it all up and write a killer proposal. Hmmm.

Ace morning today, partner has taken the day off work and I decided to take the morning off too so while youngest was at nursery, we were actually *alone* in the house. Together. No children fighting or asking us to feed them or get them stuff. No-one shouting or whinging or pestering. This just doesn't ever happen, believe me.

So, guess what we did all morning?
Was it something debauched? No.
Was it something romantic? No.


wallpapered the landing wall.

Sorry. Was that a letdown?


liz fenwick said...

My eyes lit up when I saw the title! Was I let down absolutely not just releived to know you are like the rest of us!

Good luck on the proposal.

Jessica said...

The romance and glamour of family life, eh?

Well done re the new idea, when do you have to do the proposal by?

Lucy Diamond said...

Sorry was a bit of a tease, but I couldn't resist the title when it popped into my head!

Jessica, the romance and glamour just doesn't stop round here, I can tell you. Sort of. Re the new proposal - have to wait and see if the publishing director likes it first, but there's no deadline as such. If she okays the idea, I'll have to come up with eight storylines and one of the texts, so I should think we'll be talking May before I get that far. Maybe June, actually...

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!! Good one! I really thought you were going to say something saucy then - I'm such a dweeb!

Lucy Diamond said...

Spymum, if ONLY I could write something saucy, I would.
In the meantime, it's wallpapering.

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