Friday, 16 March 2007

They're here!

Very exciting delivery this morning...a box of books. Not just any old books, mind - MY books. Author copies!

Ooooohh....NOW I'm excited again. I can't stop stroking them and swooning over them and seeing how they look on bookshelves (gorgeous, actually). I keep thumbing through, wondering which bits people will skim-read if they pick it up in a book shop. I hope they flick to a rude bit. Or a funny bit. Or something really dramatic. Hmmm, let's see... page 181. I hope they turn to page 181 when they're flicking through.

That's all I can give you today. Partner staggered in a couple of hours ago jetlagged and knackered and has gone to bed, so am going to grab a bit of work time while youngest daughter is snoozing. But if you're looking for something else to read now, you can always check out this little interview I did for Trashionista...


Clare said...


I can't wait til my copy arrives. Or should I try and get a signed copy from you? No, too complicated. I'lll just get you to sign it when I next see you.

Caroline said...

I am so excited for you sweetie.
And I'm with Clare - you'll be signing my copy when we meet. So. Perhaps you could start thinking of something sparkingly witty to write in it now ;-)

JJ said...

OH MY GOD. They're here in Bangkok too!

I just bought one at Kinokuniya Bookshop in Emporium Mall and there were a total of 10 copies on the shelf.

I am so excited for you. I am meant to be reading my book club book, but hey, sod that - I've started yours instead!

Very glad to hear you're excited again.

All the very best,

Jessica said...

woooooo! How exciting, many congrats xx

hesitant scribe said...

Congratulations! Hurrah! Well Done you!

Good interview too BTW!

Jen said...

How have they got 'em in Bangkok but not in Tunbridge Wells?!?!?

Oh, am feeling all deprived now. Will have to wait until I come to Brighton for your signing so that I can look at you beadily as you sign my copy :)

You must be SO chuffed!!!


Lucy Diamond said...

JJ - are you serious??? Wow!!! I am so excited at that thought. My little book out there in Bangkok! And you bought it, oh THANKS, JJ!! My first bookshop sale. That is SO nice to hear!
I hope you like it, anyway. And you could always suggest it for your next book club book...! ;)

Clare and Caroline, I will start thinking of dazzling things to write in your copies immediately. (Oh Gawd, now I've gone and done it. Hopefully you'll forget this rash promise by the time of our next blogmeet.)

Thank you, Hesitant Scribe!

And Jen - are you really going to come to my signing? Please do! That would be so exciting!!

Jen said...

Yes, I really am! I shall be sporting a carnation in my lapel and a handlebar moustache for the purposes of identification...

Working Mum said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Keep them coming. Nice to hear you've gone international! xx

JJ said...

I really am serious. (Thais don't care about release dates!)

It was SO exciting: I am so excited for you. I had a epiphany moment where I thought, 'wow, this is what it's about.'

Lucy, go and look at my blog today for a REAL reader, really, really reading, and enjoying, and don't have any more wobblies...


Lucy Diamond said...

Wow. This is so brilliant. Every author's dream! Please everyone go and look at JJ reading my novel!

Lucy Diamond said...

And Jen - I nearly forgot to say - THANK YOU! Maybe we could have a secret password too, just in case there are any other carnation-wearing people with handlebar moustaches?

Caroline said...

I never forget ;-)


JJ said...

I'VE FINISHED IT. I really enjoyed it. I loved the (without spoiling it for anyone else) spur of the moment joke.

After I saw your post about which page you hoped prospective readers would flick it open on (you said page 181) I could hardly contain myself. I was about 10 or 12 pages away and I peeked and saw the word 'breasts and thought 'oh my god, which man is that steamy scene with?' But I was very disciplined and looked away so I didn't spoil it for myself.

All the characters felt different enough that I didn't have to keep going to check who was who. What I also liked was how plausible it was. I get cross when I don't believe that someone would be that stupid, but I felt convinced.

Well done.

Lucy Diamond said...

Caroline - Oh. Bugger.

JJ - Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU! Wow. I still get the shivers when I think about a real person reading my book. It's even better that you liked it!
Now I'm inspired to get on with book 3. Cheers!

liz fenwick said...

Yay!!!! Have you planned the launch here yet as JJ is already told us of the launch in Bankok!!!

Caroline said...

I'm not happy.
Not at all.
Most unhappy.

Can you bring the release date forward?
It just doesn't seem fair. It is almost cruel in fact!!!!!

I am not happy.
I may even start a petition. Or make a banner. Or both!!!!!!

I want to read it!
JJ has. Keris has. Some other person in the Trashionista comments is! It's a conspiracy!

I am not happy.

Sounds to me that you've wriiten a 'all in one sitting' kind of book! You go girl!

I wonder if it'd be quicker to have JJ's bookshop ship a copy over????


I really must get on with my work. Mustn't I?

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Caroline, it's not that long to wait. Two weeks on Friday. It will fly by! (But I'm very flattered you are so keen...or are you just really really bored with your work??)

Liz - I'm not having a party as such, I'm taking three mates to dinner who all read the first draft as I was writing it and gave me tons of support and encouragement. Mind you, I will probably go and get lashed after my signing, does that count?!

Anonymous said...

This is just so FABulous!!!! I am thrilled for you!

(And pg 181 is going to be the first one I look at! ;-) Yay for you!!)

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh cheers, Spymum - hope you enjoy p181 when you get there...!