Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A PROPER review at last

Phew, have finished my last Jake story for Orchard, which is just as well, really, seeing as the deadline is on Friday. Just have to read it to my expert panel of advisers (my six-year-old and four-year-old) to get their opinions and then I can send it off. And THEN it's time to get back to the novel. That word counter over on the right has been static for a while - I'm looking forward to racking up a few more words on it soon. Oh, and I've had a lovely review from Trashionista which will definitely inspire me to motor along with it. Hooray for nice reviewers. Observer, please take note.

Back in the real world (as opposed to nice book-world), have pretty much finished painting everything in the house. Just as well because we've got some estate agents coming round on Thursday to give us valuations. Poor eldest daughter has definitely swung back to not wanting to move anywhere, which she demonstrated at top volume yesterday when I was on the phone to said estate agents, trying to grab the phone from my hand and shouting, "We are not moving!" Gawd. She has even taken to writing me little messages saying "But mum wot abowt yor frends? You wil mis them" trying to persuade me that leaving Brighton is a Bad Thing. Frankly, I am still totally in denial about the missing-my-friends and not-knowing-anyone-in Bath thing. Actually, I just feel as if I don't have any roots anywhere at the moment. I hate this limbo feeling. Please PLEASE let us get this house buying/selling malarkey over and done with soon!

I think I'll just stay in nice book-world for a while, on second thoughts.


Amanda Mann said...

Congratulations on fantastic review. Can't wait to read it.

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers, Amanda!

rivergirlie said...

what sensible people they seem over at trashionista!

JJ said...

It's hard being a grown up, isn't it? Sometimes I wish I could sit back, recalcitrantly and let my children make all the decisons. Then I'd start shouting 'it's not fair. I don't want to do that...'

Moving is scary, but it's desperately exciting too. And speaking from as far away as Thailand we live in the best time for communications. I feel close to those I love just by emailing and ringing.

It's the limbo bit that's no fun, but that doesn't last for ever!

Hope it all goes smoothly for you.


Lucy Diamond said...

Absolutely, rivergirlie, couldn't agree more! Make sure they get a copy of your new one!

JJ - it's very hard being grown-up, I agree. Eldest daughter tried to run away last night when she saw we'd painted the front door a different colour. Admittedly, she only went half way down the street, but the girl is in turmoil, bless her!