Saturday, 31 March 2007

Plugging Lucy Diamond

I've had a plugging-Lucy-Diamond day, and what a strange and memorable one it's been. Very very nice but ever so slightly surreal at the same time...

First up, I did the local run. My publishers (do love saying that) have sent me some spare 'samplers' of the novel they've had printed up (just a chapter or so of the text, in a gorgeous little booklet), so I took a load up to our local shops to see if I could get the shopkeepers to hand them out, as well as dishing out my fliers too. I was just bowled over by the response. I LOVE my local shopkeepers SO MUCH! I do know most of them pretty well as I am there all the time (living the high life, you see) but even so, they all took loads of the samplers and fliers off my hands and wished me well, and wanted to know all about it. It was really, really lovely.

Went into town this afternoon - boring optician's appointment but I seized upon the opportunity to do a prowl around the book shops there too. Borders first - I'm in the 3 for 2s!! Yippeeee!!! I'm in there with all the Richard and Judys and Sarah Waters and Marian Keyes, and oh, just all the names you could want to have your book nestling cosily alongside! So that was really exciting, walking and seeing a pile of them there. Phew. Hot flush of excitement! And upstairs in their fiction shelves, you'll never guess who I'm next to alphabetically... Charles Dickens! My mate Charles! I felt a pang of guilt for having abandoned David Copperfield to the Raw Shark Texts - am LOVING DC but have not managed to finish it this month, thus failing spectacularly on my new year's resolution. Ahem.
Moving swiftly on to... WH Smith, I was in there too, not in any offers but quite a few copies in the Fiction shelves, hooray.
And then to Waterstones, where the books weren't yet on display, but I gave the woman behind the till a load of my fliers to put on the counter and she said, Ooh, I've just put a load of stickers on your book - £3 off!

So all in all, I felt really overwhelmed. I sat on the bus going out of town not quite able to believe it, to be honest. But the best was yet to come...

I got home and there was a table set up outside our house with a pile of the samplers on it and a note in eldest daughter's handwriting - "Free, plees tack one" - and she was sitting out there on a little chair, beaming, saying, "Mum, I've given loads of these away to different ladies!" BLESS!

Like I said, a strange and memorable day. I know it's just a temporary lapse of reality and life will return to its usual pattern soon but I'm having an amazing time right now. Long may it last!


Lisa Clark said...

Hey miss author-girl! I'm lovin' your book, on the recommendation of the fab Keris over at Trashionista, I snapped up a copy - you'll be pleased to know, Waterstones Portsmouth is rockin' your book mostest! I'm totes understanding the new-book happiness, mine came out in Jan and I'm still buzzing 'bout it all, who needs the real world eh?!!

Will deffo big up the book just as soon as I've finished it - lovin' the blog too!

You rule!

Lisa x

Shauna said...

that is all sooo bloody exciting! i will have to go to waterstones tomorrow and get a good gawk at the 3 for 2 table. and buy my own copy of course! :)

shauna (from bwbd)

hellojed said...

I'm delighted for you, couldn't of happened to a nicer gal.

rivergirlie said...

got my copy in waterstones today - they had a stack of them and the girl said they'd just arrived. very exciting. i'm starting it tonight, and bumping everything else on the tbr pile (including the one i'm halfway through!)

Jen said...

Wow, that is sooooooooo cool... am thrilled to bits for you


Caroline said...

I'm thrilled for you sweetie.

My copy is being read. And enjoyed. Very much.


Lucy Diamond said...

Oh thank you all, thank you thank you thank you!
This is like the most brilliant kind of dream. I can't believe people are actually buying and reading my book. So exciting and wonderful. Thank you. And thank you again.
I *heart* you all!

Susan Hill said...

I would like to employ your daughter as a publicity associate... I love 'Free please tack one' and we wouldn`t change a word.

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh, her first job at the age of six - excellent! Perhaps we could have her on a job-share, Susan?!

JJ said...


I went into another branch of Kinokuniya this weekend, and you are on the TABLE at the front!

Despite the presence of security guards, i took a pic on my phone, but can't work out how to make phone and laptop talk...

Glad it's going so well.


Helen said...

I've just had my email from Amazon saying your book has now been despatched and is winging it's way to me. Brilliant. I think that'll be my next book to read (even though I have another twenty in my pile)!

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh, table at the front, that's fab. Am loving the whole table thing!
Helen - I hope you like it! Thanks for buying a copy!

Sezzie said...


I can now confirm your book is in the Worthing branch of Waterstones (on a table) - and Methvens!

Have purchased a copy and will begin reading soonest!!!


Lucy Diamond said...

Yay!! Cheers, Sezzie! Thanks for the siting report!

Jan said...

I've read somewhere about your book and it sounds great. Congratulations! I shall tell my classes about your success as encouragement to get on with their own 1st novels...AND my lazy old self, I suppose!
Good luck and lots of congratulatins.
And how nice to live in Brighton.
Lovely place.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you! Kinokunia!! Thats in Tokyo and I've been there! brilliant!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh thank you, Jan, that's really kind of you.
And cheers to you too, Spymum! I am very excited about being an international author!