Sunday, 18 March 2007

"It's racy"

So, how was your Mother’s Day? Handmade cards with wonky writing and lots of kisses, breakfast in bed, flowers? I was lucky enough to have all three, AND a hot bath waiting for me with the newspaper. Bliss.

But then I read the sneering, dismissive ‘Yummy Mummy Lit review’ (ugh, do hate that label) in the Observer and considered submerging myself under the bubbles and not coming up for air ever again.
Well, no, to be fair, it wasn’t that bad. There were some nice comments about all of the books - I did quite enjoy being likened to a chocolate pastry (not me, the book, silly) although the tone overall was pretty patronising – and I’m still not sure why they asked a bloke to review five novels that definitely come under the category of Women’s Fiction but there you go. Still, it’s given me a quote of sorts that I’ll be using on my fliers. Are you ready? Here goes:

“It’s racy” – The Observer

That's about all that's salvageable. Still, I think it's quite amusing. Not half as good as my quote from the lovely Kate which includes the killer line - "Sexy, sassy and very funny" - but then that's the difference between nice authors and patronising journalists, I guess.

Still, I was hugely cheered by the photo on JJ's blog. Have you seen it? It's a picture of her READING MY BOOK! How fantastic is that? Thank you, JJ. You totally made my day. I promise to do the same for you when your novel comes out (as I'm sure it will)!

Other major news includes the fact that finally FINALLY eldest daughter's first tooth is out. I know - it seems like months ago that I posted about the first wobble. It seems the stakes have been raised since I was leaving teeth for the tooth fairy, though. These days, the going rate is a quid, I've been told and the tooth fairy leaves a note. Bloody nora. The hoops we mums have to jump through. Apparently her friend L's tooth fairy was called 'Violet' and friend R's tooth fairy was called 'Twinkle'. I think I'm going for Trixie. Or is that a bit too Geldof??

Anyway, if I were a superduper mum, I'd be better prepared for this sort of malarkey, I'd have nice purple card and a gold pen all ready in the making-things cupboard, so that I could fashion a proper sparkly card from Trixie. But it's gonna be biro and a bit of paper for my tooth fairy. Oh dear. And daughter has made her a pillow from cottonwool, decorated with felt-tip and everything. I've been tested on Mother's Day and found wanting. Maybe a sprinkling of glitter will be good enough...


Addicted to your Blog said...

A real good Blog. I liked the 'Novel Meter' indicating your 'work-in-progress' Novel stats.

Do shoot in a small line, when your book releases.

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks very much, Addicted. It's out on 6th April. That's a good point, actually, I'll just flag it up loud and clear on the sidebar!

A. Writer said...

They got a man to review women's fiction? That's a bit bizarre!

Well done with the book. I'm definitely going to get it!

When I lost a tooth the most I got was 50p, that was in the 80's. I dread to think what the rate will be for the next generation!!!!

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks, A Writer!
I think it was 10p for me, back in the 70s.
I'd completely forgotten tooth fairy duties until I saw your message - thank you! Can you imagine the outrage if I forgot??
Am off to write a tooth fairy letter this minute.

easywriter said...

So, it's congratulations all round then. Well done Lucy. (Journalists don't know everything you know, I'm looking forward to your book) and Congratulations! to your daughter. Exciting times.


Your daughter made a pillow for the tooth fairy?? Am I missing something? Does the tooth not go under daughter's pillow allowing you a devil of a job to remove said tooth and replace cash and note without waking her - or have I just been brought up all wrong. Please explain, will have a tooth fairy of my own in a few years time and don't feel nearly so confident now!

liz fenwick said...

Lucy, I came across the review through the RNA's romna. I read it and thought that the comments on your book were excellant. Acheiving any sort of review for women's fiction is a bonus!!! Be happy :-)

Luisa said...

Well, I'm reading your book right now and thoroughly enjoying it! It's a brilliant read.

Jane Henry said...

Lucy, I saw the review as well and thought you came out better then the others.

Well done on the tooth. I've probably mentioned it before, but our tooth fairy, Tabitha is absolutely crap, so you can't be worse then her. AND she always writes scrappy notes on a piece of paper!

love Jane

PS Can't remember if I said that no 3 was thrilled to bits with your note!

Lucy Diamond said...

Easywriter - no idea why my daughter made a pillow - actually it was a CUSHION, she corrected me this morning. But the tooth went under her pillow (not fairy one) and we left the fairy gift next to her pillow. All these pillows, most confusing!
(And yes, it was a devil of a job to retrieve tooth and sneak in the dosh - and a handmade card, thank you very much! - but I got away with it. This time. Phew!)

Thanks, Liz - I suppose I should be grateful, shouldn't I? I just wish it had been a female reviewer, who'd said, "Wow! I loved this book! Go and buy it, everyone!"

Luisa - how did you manage to get an early copy? Have you been to Bangkok or something? :) Glad you are enjoying it anyway.

Luisa said...

I write book reviews too! :) Though Bangkok would have been nice.

Hey, I forgot to say congratulations on the tooth thing! I've got this all to come soon, so I'm taking notes here.

Lucy Diamond said...

Jane - I think Tabitha has a new rival for Most Useless Tooth Fairy. Ours is called - don't laugh - Sunbeam. Well, it seemed a good idea at the time (and I had just had a large glass of wine, too.) It was well worth it to see the look on daughter's face. Awwww. And I'm so glad your number 3 was pleased with the note.

Luisa - Oh, I hadn't realised - sorry! I'm sure you're a much MUCH nicer reviewer than Observer-man, anyway...fingers crossed...!

JJ said...


I'm very glad that I managed to cheer you. You are a sweetie to say you'll reciprocate with my book, but I thought I'd best come by and say 'don't hold your breathe waiting, will you?' I think you're quite safe for some time, but I WILL hold you to it when (when, when, when - not if) it happens.

JJ x

Lucy Diamond said...

I am a patient woman, JJ!

(Well, most of the time, anyway)