Friday, 2 March 2007

It'll be all right on the Newsnight

Partner says he was mobbed in the school playground this morning by parents telling him how good he was on Newsnight last night (did you see it? He was fab, I thought. Very cool, calm and collected. I'd have cacked myself being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman). He said the best thing was eldest daughter's beaming face as various parents congratulated him, she looked dead proud of her dad. Awwww. He also said he was having desperate phone calls from certain members of Brighton and Hove council before the programme began trying to shut him up. I don't think so. Hope they squirmed all the way through it.

Elsewhere, not so excitingly, youngest has ear infection and keeps sobbing and clapping hand to her ear in anguish when the Calpol starts wearing off. Ouch. Can't get her in to see the doctor until 6pm though which is a pain. Son is all peaky and floppy too so he's having a morning off school. Poor partner didn't get in until 2 this morning and he's looking after them both while I work, which I feel bad about but I've missed quite a lot of work time lately for one thing and another so can't give myself a day off. I will have to knuckle down and try and get my stuff done quickly so I can assist in nursing duties.

Looking forward to the racers' coffee morning today - I've actually made some good progress on the novel so don't have to make my excuses this week. Over a quarter of the way through now, excellent, feel it's going well.

Right - am starting a new Oliver Moon today so will crack on. Have a good weekend, one and all!


mad muthas said...

no i didn't see it. how fantastic! what was it all about?

Lucy Diamond said...

Secondary school admissions, and what a nightmare the process is, basically! Martin was meant to be talking about choice from a parent's point of view but managed to work round the conversation to what's been happening in Brighton and Hove - ie immoral council stitch-up of the Secondary Admissions Review. Axes to grind, and all that!

mad muthas said...

we've had a very interesting thing going on it stratford lately - it may even hit the national press. we still have 11plus and the lea, in its wisdon, has used the same stock of 15 odd exam papers for the last 8 years at least. a small number of tutors have managed to get their grimy paws on the past papers and have used them as practice papers for their tutees! in addition, at some of the private prep schools, if the kids haven't finished the paper in the allotted time, they're allowed longer!!
the head of the school of which i'm governor was on radio 5 live talking about it on wednesday.

we had an incredibly bitchy review, btw, for warnings of gales from charlotte moore, who had reviewed a whole lot of 'chick-lit' novels. she likened them all to ready meals - how terribly amusing - and said ours was a solid, middle range offering, like an m&s roast chicken dinner! (at least it wasn't iceland ...). i'll put a link to it on the forum - should give you a laff.

Lucy Diamond said...

Bloody hell, there's so much corruption in the education system!

Saw the horrible review - ouch. But you know, I love my roast chicken dinners - best meal in the world, if you ask me!

liz fenwick said...

Didn't see it...too late for me. Pleased to hear he did so well and that your daughter could look up to Dad even more.

Well done on the word count this week. Hope the kids recoup soon.

Have a great weekend.

BTW you can always rely on M&S for quality :-)

Jane Henry said...

Given that I am bang smack in the middle of the secondary school admission stuff, I not unnaturally watched Martin on Thursday night and thought he was great. Paxo made me smile when Martin accused the Brighton council of gerrymandering and he said, well we should have one of them to respond to that. Well done Martin - now however many million viewers watch Newsnight know how crap the situation is!

And I do too. I have blogged about it ad nauseam, but basically my eldest flunked (and I mean flunked) her grammar school entrance. Nerves overtook her on the day and she got a lousy mark. Having gone through a whole range of emotions I now think it is probably for the best, but jeez.... I wish there was a better way!

Mind you as someone said to me there is a lot of kudos in having a child on the bright register who's failed her 11 plus!!!!

Tell Martin I thought he was great!

And no 3 is very keen to write to you to tell you how much she likes your books!

love Janex

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers, Jane. Sorry to hear about your eldest - ouch. I hope she's okay. What a nightmare it all is. Not looking forward to secondary school stuff at all.

Would LOVE to have a letter from your no 3 daughter. I'll email you my address.