Friday, 23 February 2007


I am really excited. Excited to the point where I can barely sit still and don't know how I'm going to do any work this morning.

Three words will tell the story: Girly. Weekend. Away.

Yes!! I am leaving my beloveds and getting out of here, up to London this afternoon to meet up with my two best mates for some gossip, booze and shopping. And eating. And swimming in the hotel pool. And lounging around not having to look after children. And not coming back until Sunday. Oh yes. It doesn't get much better than that.

We haven't all been together for well over a year due to geography getting in the way. The three of us flat-shared through our early twenties, then I went off travelling for a while, and K got married, and now H has moved up to Scotland (the Highlands! Can you get any further away from Brighton?!) and now K is in Cambridge, so we are scattered around, with seven children between us.

Funnily enough, last time we all met up for a night away, I thought, Hmmm, good premise for a novel, this - three old friends getting back together - and all these skeletons tumbling out of the closet. (Not that it happened like that with my friends, of course! No skeletons to speak of, not even a measly metatarsal.) But that's what Novel 2 is about, anyway, how you can be really close to certain people at one stage in your life and then, within just a few years, you feel you are living completely different lives with nothing in common. Oh yeah, and there's some major stabbing in the back, too. So you never know, I might get a big idea for Novel 4 while I'm away - there's this woman, right, and she's on the train to meet some friends and then, you'll never guess what, but...

Have just had a message from K actually - "If you get to the hotel before me, mine's a large vodka and tonic". That's the kind of weekend it's going to be, I think. Messy.



Lesley Cookman said...

Have a great weekend, and when you come back, can I pick your picture book brains? Off blog, of course!

Novel-racer Lesley

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Lesley, of course you can! You can email me via my website - There's a 'contact me' thing somewhere in there.

Have a good weekend yourself!

liz fenwick said...

Enjoy Lucy....sounds bliss.

You mention Novel 4 but novel 3...keeping that idea to yourself I see.

Can a large glass of wine for me:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh, certainly will, Liz. Novel 3...hmmm, I suppose I am keeping it to myself a bit at the moment. Not ready to go public just yet!

JJ said...

I think messy weekends with girls friends are the best. Have a wonderful time with only interruptions from bar staff, and not children!

Caroline said...

Hope that you're having lots of fun.

Clare said...

Yay for girly weekends and ideas for novels!

I have found myself with a few hours of familyless Sunday freedom and my head is spinning from the possibilities. Which means, of course, that I will do feck all.