Thursday, 1 February 2007

Stop that at once!!

For the sake of ever getting any work done today, I hereby resolove to stop:

Googling nice houses and schools and ofsted reports

Doing calculations on bits of paper and agonising about not being able to afford nice houses

Agonising over good schools all being full and my children ending up being taught at home by me and us all going mad

Agonising over whether it is all worth it, or whether to stay put in lovely Brighton where we are all happy

Having arguments in my head with Competitive Mum 'friend' who keeps gloating about her perfect children and how they are infinitely better than mine (annoying cow, wait till I see her again, I'll.... Oops)

Checking emails every five minutes

Making cups of tea every five minutes

Reading people's blogs and trying to think of witty things to say and not being able to

Staring at the wall in front of me feeling a bit tired and miserable.

So there'll be none of that today, no. Eldest daughter has gone back to school this morning after being off the last three days with tonsillitis (her tonsils were the size of Maltesers, I'm amazed she could get any food past them). Youngest daughter has stopped coughing so hard the walls shook. Son off on his first school trip today (going all of two miles or so into town). Technically, all is well. But I've been sitting here for nearly an hour now and still haven't made a dent in the new Jake book I'm meant to be writing.

Sod it, I'll just check out some estate agents while I wait for inspiration to kick in...


Helen said...

Well...I think you have just summed up my day yesterday. I was googling surnames for one of my characters instead of writing my book and I completely empathise with staring at the wall in front of you feeling tired and miserable...Now I may well just google some nice houses myself (after checking emails, other peoples blogs, news websites etc etc)
Good luck with today! Helen

Caroline said...

oh I am avoiding the marking in front of me by blog hopping. I am so going to regret it when I am up till 'far too late' o'clock tonight! And I've just eaten half a chocolate orange and I don't even like them!
Oh to be focused ...

Lucy Diamond said...

It is a nightmare! I am plunging deeper and deeper into a spiral of:

I've got no willpower

I can't write

I'm a crap person and all-round failure

I'm never going to finish the Jake series without half a ton of chocolate

I'm never going to win the novel race

Must stop playing Spider Solitaire

I think I'm going to have to get my broadband cut off...


liz fenwick said...

It's been like that for me today too.....see I'm here but I am waiting for the kettle. I am going to but the time on for twenty and write. Just for twenty minutes and see if it works this time.........bye....I'll check back later

Jane Henry said...

GEt this Lucy - I was so knackered this morning I went BACK TO BED and have felt guilty ever since. The thing is I'm still getting used to all the kids being at school and having more spare time but not enough to make a difference. Feel guilty because when not sleeping I have been blog hopping. Though I did do noble deed and have a coffee with elderly mil. And made my husband's lunch. Have also finished copyediting a (very short I promise you) ms. And now have to gear up to two hours at the tennis club with sprogs. So I have to just go and prepare tea to take with me.

I haven't even started novel race yet. But have now finished detailed synopsis. So TOMORROW I have no excuses...

Apart from attending school assembly, going for a run, tidying the house....

love Jane

Lucy Diamond said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one - you've all made me feel much better, cheers!

My big new guilt is that now my two-year-old has started nursery two mornings a week, I feel I've GOT to work solidly for those few hours to justify her being there otherwise I am being BAD MUM for daring to put her in childcare.

Well, I'll *look forward* to that tomorrow - at least it might mean the guilt gets me through this new story!
Your 20 minute idea is a good one, Liz. Right, it's five to three, will work solidly until quarter past, just in time for school pick up!

liz fenwick said...

I managed 700 words in those twenty minutes! Now I have to run to the store to buy food. We still don't have a fridge and the husband is becoming tired of take away food. ho hum.

Good luck

Caroline said...

Just read your interview with pan mac. You're a star! You manage to mention Dave Hill twice! That's my aim from now on - to try and get in as many blogger books/authors/writers into every interview.

As you can see. I am still avoiding work ... but it's sooooooo dull! Perhaps it's to do with it being thursday???? I still feel sick after my chocolate orange ...


Lucy Diamond said...

Liz - 700 words in 20 minutes - that's brilliant! Imagine if you could keep that up - 2,100 words an would only take 50 hours to write a whole novel! Still, imagine the RSI. Yowch.

I didn't do a before/after word count for my 20 minutes but I did make some progress. It's a good trick that, will remember it!

Caroline, I did wonder if it was a bit cheeky to plug my blogger/author friends in the Pan Q&A but...nah! Mutual back-scratching can only be a good thing!
(Changing the subject, I really fancy a chocolate orange now...)

liz fenwick said...

I definately can't keep that pace up but it forced out of me what I had be playing with in my mind all day and not doing!!