Friday, 16 February 2007

Say cheese!

If you're due to have your photo taken for a national newspaper, it's not a good idea to

1) Go to book group the evening before and drink wine

2) Forget to take off your make-up before going to bed

3) Have children bellowing at ungodly hours, disturbing your beauty sleep.

Damn. Next time I'll know.

It was the photo shoot this morning - arrgh, I hate having my photo taken. He was lovely, though, the photographer, came to my house and took some pictures of me reading Georgia the Guinea Pig Fairy to the kids in the garden as well as the usual author-at-desk style ones. There's something very unnatural about having to pose for photos - in fact, there's something very weird about being interviewed, too. I'm a bit freaked out at the thought of seeing the article in print, hope she's nice about our Daisy Meadows and doesn't try to stitch us up. I played it very straight (ie boring, not slagging anybody off, not bitching or moaning and trying not to destroy the D.M. "brand"). Hope it gets written up that way.

Am doing some work today, just sent off the revised revised REVISED proposal to Usborne and am about to do a second draft of Oliver Moon and the Olympics. Not a single word of the novel written this week, am just about to visit the coffee morning (oops, afternoon) and fess up. Next week should be a bit clearer, although I'm not quite sure what's going to happen next, plot-wise which may slow things up a bit.

We're having Valentines Day today - postponed it from Wednesday because we were due to be spending V. evening driving down the M40 and didn't think that was very romantic. Mind you, not going out tonight due to son being a bit virus-wobbly and youngest daughter being a bit cough-y. Not very romantic either, come to think of it.

PS Next book for book group is Suite Francaise. Can't wait to read it.


Caroline said...

Suite Francaise is £3.99 in Borders this week. I've just bought it. We're reading Dave Hill's The Adoption.

When is the article in the national press and will you tell us all? Please.

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers for the tip!
It's a piece in the Sunday Express - think it might even be this Sunday's - about the Rainbow Magic books and the authors behind the 'Daisy Meadows' pseudonym. I can't remember anything I said to the journalist now - am panicking that it was complete gibberish!

liz fenwick said...

I am sure you were wonderful. Will buy paper tomorrow and find. It will seem strange to sit down and write having had a whole week off........I wonder if I will remember how!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Liz,
You'll probably feel full of new ideas and characters now you've had a break. Nice to have you back - hope it's a good writing week!