Sunday, 25 February 2007

Nice one

I drank too much (gin, win, beer...).
I ate too much (two fat-cow breakfasts, cake, Turkish, Thai, hotel biscuits...).
I spent too much (hotel, two new tops, train fare, plus all of the afore-mentioned london-prices food and drink....ahhh, let's not go there, actually).
I had SUCH a good time.
Oh, it was just ace to be back in London with the girls shopping, boozing and having a laugh around old haunts and new. I haven't laughed so much in ages as I did last night reminiscing about all our awful exploits back when we were carefree twenty-somethings. They are so fab. We're already planning our next getaway - once our credit cards have recovered from this one's bashing.

Hotel was...interesting, plonked between Angel and Old Street, which had looked good on paper, but to get to Angel we had to walk through a particularly dog shit-tastic estate with lots of lurching blokes clutching cans of Special Brew roaming the streets. So that was niiiiice, reminded us of the old days when we shared a flat near King's Cross back when it was prostitute central. As for the hotel bar, it was a total Star Wars bar full of pissed meathead rugby fans, with The Weather Girls, Baccara and Jason Donovan playing on big screens (must confess, I did enjoy seeing Baccara - and come to think of it, that Weather Girls video with all the men in their flasher macs and red pants did really make me laugh last night).

Hooray for mates. And hooray for being appreciated. I've returned to "I Love Yow Mum" notes from son, kisses and arms-flung-round-the-neck hugs galore from the girls. Mind you, partner's buggered off out, leaving me to paint the front room (have managed one wall so far). It's good to be back.


JJ said...

Aren't girl friends brilliant?

I think it should be made a law that after we're all thirty we spend at least one weekend a year just with our favourite girl friends. We do this living with them, we do it for hen weekends, but it so often slips by as we get older.

So glad to hear you had a wonderful time (over consumption aside - though I guess that is part of it too!)


Helen said...

Were you in the Sunday Express yesterday? I forgot to buy one!

Jane Henry said...

Glad you had such a good weekend. I never seem to manage girly weekends away though I going to a wedding in France this year. Mind you what was supposed to be me going on my own has morphed into Spouse kids and mil hanging around in Paris waiting for me before we all go onto Germany... hmmm!!

My hangover is probably as bad as yours as it was Spouse's birthday and I have severely overindulged....

Love the premise of your book btw - I had a similar idea for girlfriends meeting up at a hen night, though I haven't done anything with that one!

Lucy Diamond said...

I agree JJ - let's start a petition!

Still haven't appeared in the Sunday Express so maybe they've dropped the story - it was a bit of a non-story anyway, if you ask me, it wasn't like anyone had kept the whole thing a big secret. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed!