Thursday, 15 February 2007

Muddled up

Sorry not to have blogged for a while - everything has gone a bit pear-shaped. Went to look around Cheltenham to see if we fancied moving there, thinking the answer was going to be yes, yes and YES - It was pouring with rain which didn't help but even so, it seemed a bit...quiet for my liking (especially after Brighton). And there were some gorgeous Regency bits of town but also rather a lot of horrible new-build estates and big roads carving up the centre, and it seemed almost as expensive as Brighton, house-wise, so no. Felt awful telling my parents and sister as we'd been so sure we'd love it and would be much nearer to them. But we're back to the drawing board instead.

I feel really muddled up about it all. We DO want to be nearer our families but at the same time what's the point of moving somewhere we're ambivalent about? If we leave Brighton (which we all love) it has to be for somewhere that feels just as good. So now we're wondering about Bath. Or Oxford. I don't know. Don't want to think about it any more. We drove off from my mum's yesterday and I just burst into tears, felt so disappointed with how it had all panned out.

I'm sitting up here waiting for the phone to ring now as I'm about to be interviewed by the Sunday Express. They're doing a piece on the Rainbow Fairies authors - yes, some recognition, excellent! - so I guess that means I don't have to be secretive about it any more. Phew. A photographer's coming round tomorrow and everything, eek. I'm a bit nervous about this interview, to be honest. What shall I say? I'm bound to blurt out the wrong thing. I'm bound to wreck the Daisy Meadows pure and wholesome image. I don't feel very sparkly or clever today. Aarrrgghh...


JJ said...

I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed with Cheltenham. I know when we've ever thought about moving I've got all excited, and practically moved, found schools, a new lifestyle, all in my head even before I've been there for the first time. Sometimes reality isn't as exciting. Oxford and Bath are lovely but not cheap either! I hope you get your head around it eventually.


SS said...

Give it a chance! It's a lovely little town and yes, there are lots of horrible estates, but I've lived here three years and never been near any of them. There are loads of good restaurants, you're really close to some beautiful countryside and there is, believe it or not, lots going on; music, literature, the Everyman theatre gets lots of West End shows before they go to London, there's a great farmers market and if you know where to look, brilliant shopping.

Lucy Diamond said...

JJ, that's exactly what happened. I'd looked into it in great detail and it just wasn't how I thought it would be. And so many people had said to me, Oh, Cheltenham's LOVELY, you'll LOVE it, that we went with really high expectations. Maybe the moral of the story is to not to listen to other people's opinions before you see something for yourself!

SS - oh sorry, I knew someone from Cheltenham would read this and take me up on it! I know there are lots of great things about Cheltenham (I've done my homework on it) and I didn't mean to sound rude about it, but sometimes you go to a place and it just isn't your cup of tea. (It didn't help either that it was lashing it down as we were trudging around on Monday - maybe if it had been sunny, we'd be house-hunting right now.)

Jane Henry said...

Lucy bad luck on the moving front. Maybe Oxford would be more your thing. My sister has just moved there and loves it. It is expensive but she lives on the Cowley side, not as nice perhaps, but you can still get into town on the bus in about ten minutes. AND she lives down the road from CS Lewis' house - so we went to the little wood that inspired Narnia last time we visited. Oxford is just magical. I'd love to live there.

Bath is pretty neat too, though I've only visited once. But I think that might be very pricey.

And good luck with the interview. Are they interviewing all the authors or just you?

pacha said...

It probably didn't help that you had great expectations of the place and the move etc... so it would never lived up to your expectations even if it was the sunniest day ever.

We almost uprooted our kids to move back to our home in Argentina last year. We had been living in Italy for five years but had built up our previous home in Argentina up to be the best place ever and were convinced that moving back would be the solution to ALL our problems (as well as having family nearby and the kids having grandparents and aunts involved in their lives --- but quite frankly that turned out to be wrong too!)

In short, I completely understand how stressful this whole decision making of where to live is. Since we have returned to Italy to live, I have to say it is a relief to stop living in limbo (astride two continents) and we're more realistic about the daily drudgery of getting on with things yet at the same time...I miss being able to dream!


Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Jane,

I think they're interviewing me and Narinder - it went okay, I think, now just have to wait and see what gets written (gulp)... Oxford is lovely, I lived there myself about ten years ago, really loved it, too. So at least it's a known quantity, as is Bath (other half lived there for a while), which makes me feel more confident about one of those being the perfect place for us to move to. It's just the thought of trawling through ofsted reports again and that whole palaver, having got it all sussed once already for Chelters!

Hi Pacha,

Cheers for your supportive message - thank you. I'm finding the where-am-I-going-to-live thing v stressful and tiring - it really is a kind of limbo state, as you say. But hey. In a few months I'll hopefully be settled in my dream house with perfect neighbours, top school within walking distance and I'll be laughing...