Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Back to life, back to reality...

"Oh, they're all so lovely," I said happily to partner on Sunday night once the kids were in bed. I was still suffused with been-away-from-home-for-two-nights happiness and everything about them seemed wonderful. Why had I ever wanted to get away in the first place?

SCREEEEEECH! went the music as the needle was knocked across the record at 3.30am Monday morning. "Mummy! Mummy!" from youngest's room.

I stumble blearily in there, tripping over small toys, stubbing my toe on the washing basket. "What? What's wrong?"

"Sing my a song!" she says cheerfully.

I slump against the wall. "Sing you a song? It's the middle of the night! Go back to sleep."

"Sing my a SONG!" she shouts. "Sing Goldilocks!"

I heave a sigh. My feet are getting cold. I give her one round of Goldilocks.
When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears, oh what did her blue eyes see?
A bowl that was huge, a bowl that was small
And a bowl that was tiny and that was all
She counted them one...two...three...
"There, I've sung Goldilocks, now let's both go back to sleep. Good night."

I climb back into bed, trying not to let the They're-all-so-lovely feelings seep away. Hopefully I'll be able to get straight back to sleep, job done. Five minutes later, though...

"Mummy! Mummy!"

Cursing and muttering, I'm back in there. "What now? What do you want?" I ask, hearing the irritation in my voice.

"Mummy, I done a poo."

I can't smell anything and she's got a Pull-up on anyway. "It's probably just a little wee wee," I tell her, desperate to get back into bed.

"Mummy, you change my little wee wee," she says.

I really don't want to have the light on, changing a nappy right now. I really really don't. We'll both be wide awake, it's cold, I'll probably never get back to sleep. She probably won't either and I'll be singing bloody Goldilocks all night.

"I'll sort it out in the morning," I say. "Now no more shouting. Mummy is very tired. Go back to sleep."

Five minutes later, she's off again. "Mummy! Mummy!"

WELCOME BACK TO YOUR REAL LIFE, a sign flashes in my head.


Jane Henry said...

Oh Lucy!!! That story sounds Soooooo familiar. Though luckily I have gone beyond poo in pull ups stage. Mind you , anyone who can tell me how to get a five year old who sleeps too soundly to use the loo out of pull ups and I think I might love you for ever!

liz fenwick said...

Oh, I have been there...my heart goes out to you.

Jen said...

That feeling of children being perfect doesn't last, sadly. Poohs in pull-ups are just the start, believe me!

If you'd seen me looking bootfaced and mumbling 'stop that bloody coughing' while grimly clutching a massive glass of Merlot last week, you'd know you're not alone!

Sending night time joy and a whopping glass of the red stuff :)


Jane Henry said...

a propos of nothing, but having just heard on the radio the lottery thingy that is going to be secondary school selection in Brighton and Hove, I can totally see your predicament about schooling now. Ouch. I can understand the desire to make things fairer, but this helps no one. All that is going to happen is that the worst schools will stay bad and the good schools will get worse. Another great new Labour initiative which makes everything worse then it was!!
Am now panicking they'll introduce it here. Am only just starting on the secondary school path and it fills me with horror... (in theory we get our results tomorrow)...
love janex

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers...I'm happy to report we've not had a repeat performance the last few nights. I think she might have been checking I was still there, after going awol for two nights!

Jen - I love your nursing style, btw. "Stop that bloody coughing!" - great bedside manner!

Lucy Diamond said...

Jane - the schools thing is a nightmare (but that isn't why we're moving). It has been a complete stitch up by the Labour and Green councillors who are desperate to keep in favour with their middle class voters and they've basically condemned a couple of schools to sink within the next few years as a result. Meanwhile we all know that two of the 'good' secondaries are going to go for trust status anyway, so the whole thing will collapse. It's an absolute shambles. Really depressing, and disillusioning to be honest.