Thursday, 18 January 2007

Wild winds

Oh dear...another half day's work today. I was helping out at the school all morning - high drama there as a large section of the roof blew off in the wind at dropping-off time this morning. It's just a corrugated plastic bit of roof that serves as a porch for three of the classrooms so it won't be too much of a nightmare to fix, but it did mean that two of the classrooms were evacuated, and none of the children were able to go out and play in the nearby playground for fear of further bits of plastic flying off and knocking over little infants. A motorbike has been blown over in our street too - partner has already been out once to prop it back up but it was down in the gutter again when I came past earlier, wing mirror all smashed.

Have managed to send off a revised story to Usborne, as part of my new proposal anyway, which is something. They liked the original story and have asked for five more synopses to make up a new series, which will be fab if it gets through acquisitions. Have brainstormed three synopses with helpful partner (who always has the best ideas) but am going to have to do the rest over the weekend because I'm conscious of not having written any more of the novel this week, eeek, and don't want to be the only one at tomorrow's coffee morning with nothing to report. Have just emailed the first chunk off to another author who is going to critique it for me (panic attack, cold sweat etc) and will now proceed to write - oh, THOUSANDS of words, I should think. Well, hopefully I'll get past 10,000 on my word-o-meter at any rate...

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