Thursday, 25 January 2007

Thick Mum ruins the day

I am a failure to my children. They have tested my intellect and found it wanting. Just call me Thick Mum from now on. Honest, I don't mind. I'm used to it.

It all started off so well, too! I thought I was being Nice Mum, borrowing this Raven Interactive Game DVD from the library for them (if you didn't know, Raven is this slightly bonkers kids programme with different challenges presented by 'Raven' who is like a mad, Scottish Jamie Theakstone in a black cape). So far, so good. Cries of joy rang around the house when I produced said borrowed Raven game. Hooray for Mum!

Then I put it on and we started playing. I say 'we' but actually some of the riddles and things were a bit hard for a six year old and a four year old so I ended up answering them. Trouble was, the riddles etc were a bit hard for a thirty-six year old woman too (ie me) and I caused our character (Kenra I think we were collectively called) to be caught by a demon. "You got it wrong!" daughter shrieked, bursting into tears. "Now we've lost a life!"
"I hate this game, I don't want to play any more!" wailed son. "Can't we watch CBeebies?"
"Why did you give the WRONG ANSWER?" bellowed daughter, flouncing off. "It's all your fault!"

Bloody Raven, giving the game away, revealing my feet of clay! You're going straight back to the library, pal - and you'll never be allowed back in our house! Not until I've swotted up a bit on my general knowledge anyway...


Julia Buckley said...

I thought you'd stopped blogging! So glad you're back. I'm popping you on my blogroll.

Helen said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog site. I have to say I find this blogging and novel racing thing both exciting/motivating and a little intimidating. On the one hand it is great that there are people out there like me wanting to write and spuring each other on. But at the same time there are quite a few writers out there and I think crikey! there is alot of competition and why would they want my book...!! Still, I will not let that deter me :-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello! Yes I did stop blogging for a while... but am back again, having missed all the gossip. Thanks for the link!

And hello again Helen! Glad you are finding the race inspiring. And don't worry too much about the competition, there are still lots of new novels getting snapped up. Good luck!

Jane Henry said...

Are yours into Raven the Island? That has strange Celtic fairhaired warrioress at the helm. ALL the six year olds in my neck of the woods seem obsessed, though my eight year old tells me its weird.

Have no doubt I would have got all the questions wrong and my six/four year old would be deeply disappointed too, and now you've given me a really really good excuse for not getting it.

But you wait till they're ten and answering questions you can't. You won't believe how stupid that makes you feel...

Love Jane aka Thicker Mum!

Caroline said...

I'm thick mum too!

But I am in a super mood today and to celebrate this outing of thick mum minds, I'm off to preorder your delicious novel!


Lucy Diamond said...

Caroline - you are such a darling, thank you, thank you, thank you!

And I'm sure neither of you are thick mums, you're just saying that to make me feel better (but cheers - I appreciate it!)

Yes, Jane, we are talking the same Raven - I'm with your eight year old on the 'weird' verdict but hey, what do I know, after all? (Except - don't buy the DVD Game, hang on to your dignity parents everywhere!)