Tuesday, 30 January 2007

They're called WHAT?

This really made me laugh yesterday. My daughters are very keen on those godawful Sylvanian Families toys at the moment - if you didn't know, they are outrageously overpriced little animals with their own overpriced clothes, houses, accessories etc. They come in little families with rather twee names, things like Juniper and Bramble etc - apart from the mouse family who, I noticed in the Sylvanian catalogue yesterday, have little baby boy and girl mice called.... Neil and Christine Hamilton!! How bizarre is that? You just couldn't make it up. I will try and find a link so that you can see Neil and Christine in their little pastel romper suits and pointy white ears.

How disappointing. Just had a look on the website and the mouse babies are now called Matt and Mel Hawthorn, which isn't half as funny. Boooo! Bring back the Hamiltons! I want a mouse Neil and Christine! I demand to know what Flair plc have done with the mouse Neil and Christine!!

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