Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow glorious snow

Thick snow this morning to screams of excitement from the kids. I remember lots of snowy winters from my (Midlands) childhood but my southerner kids have hardly seen a single flake in their little lives. So they were just wild with excitement, snowballing all the way down to school, everyone hyper in the playground. Dead sweet, really.
I was a bit more bah humbug though, especially after I kept almost falling over. High heeled boots not the most practical footwear for trying to get three kids and buggy down eighty-something snowy steps to get to school. I will have to get myself some wellies, especially if we're about to move somewhere more rural. The glamour is overwhelming.

Just had an email from my agent to say he's sold Hebrew rights to Any Way You Want Me! How cool is that? Practically freezing, I'd say!


Caroline said...

Totally cool. Nice agent email!

We don't have snow. Not a flake!


mad muthas said...

awful, isn't it, when you find yourself being all grumpy about things that would have delighted you as a child. it's a real, 'oh shit, i'm a grownup now' moment! hebrew rights - awesome! way to earn out!