Tuesday, 9 January 2007

P L Ahhhh!

A lovely PLR statement has arrived and joy of joys, I have qualified for the maximum payment this time, largely due to having written lots of these books which have been borrowed 20,000 times or so each. I'm dead chuffed. Only 262 authors have managed to crack the maximum payment this year and I'm one of them! I'm especially pleased to see this one has been borrowed 18,021 times as it's the book that gave me my Lucy Diamond pseudonym, hoorah. (In case you're wondering about the secrecy btw, I got into a bit of trouble in the last blog mentioning these books by name and bandying the fact that I'd written some of the series around the internet when it's supposed to be a bit of a secret. Oops.)

Anyway, I'm about to start work - yes, late again today, but I've had a meeting this morning with the guy who designed my website as I've asked him to do a couple more for me - a Lucy Diamond one and an Oliver Moon one (another children's series). Very exciting!
No progress to be made on the novel today, unfortunately, as I've got to work at 'the day job', ie the children's books. Today I'm hoping to finish one of the series that I'm not supposed to blog about, but hopefully will be back to the Big Race on Thursday. I can see several people vanishing into the distance ahead of me already and it's bothering me!

Feel a bit grim today - up half the night worrying about whether to move house or not and if the school I like the look of would have any spaces for my two etc etc. Then youngest daughter was wailing at one a.m and three, so I think I only got about three hours' kip all in all. "Sing me a song" she said when I stumbled blearily in to her room. Not bloody likely, love.


Caroline said...

So you managed to keep you identity a secret for how long?????????
I am also doing day job today. I am marking/doing paperwork. It is rubbish, but it pays the bills!

liz fenwick said...

I have moved ten times in the last fifteen years (seven of them international) and I have found that as long as the schools are right then everything else falls into place. Good luck.

Lucy Diamond said...

Caroline - I know, I'm rubbish, aren't I? Can't resist a bit of self-promotion. Ahh well. I'm leaving town (probably). Hey, I can say what I like!

And Liz - thank you. I feel tired just imagining moving house ten times in 15 years - makes my angst seem a bit trivial. I'm probably being completely premature seeing as we haven't even checked out any of the places we're thinking about moving to yet, but I've found a really nice-sounding school - and I phoned up this morning and they aren't full, so that is a huge relief, and a good starting point...

Elizabeth Baines said...

Hi, I didn't realise you were back. When you disappeared your old blog got high-jacked by a porn site and I even had to take you off my list of links! I'll put you back again now though, if that's all right.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Elizabeth! Sorry about the horrible hijacking incident - nothing to do with me, honest. That'll teach me to stop and start blogging.
And thanks for putting me back on your list - it feels good to be back!