Sunday, 21 January 2007

No Kidding

I bought a new magazine yesterday. It's called Let's Move to the Country, and is full of gorgeous old barns and flint cottages and people's interior design schemes. There's even an article headed - No Kidding! Could 2007 be the year you decide to keep goats? (short answer - no)

It made me think how my life has been charted by magazines. This is what I mean:

Primary school - Beano, Cheeky Weekly (do they count as magazines? Probably not, never mind, let's move swiftly on to...)

Comp - Jackie, My Guy, Smash Hits, Just Seventeen

Sixth-Form - NME, Melody Maker, Sounds

University - none, too skint

Working Girl - Marie Claire, Time Out

Flat-Buying Girl - Ideal Home, Time Out (still)

Up-the-Duff Girl (I mean, Woman With Child) - Mother and Baby, Practical Parenting

Tired Mum - Red, Eve, heat, Now, anything with gossip on the front cover

Look How Grown Up I Am - Let's Move to the Country!

Sod the goats, though. I'm not that grown up (or mad).


Jen said...

Oh, yes, Smash Hits. Those were the days. One of my favourite Limahl posters came from Smash Hits. *Sighs in a dreamy kind of way*

Goats? Oh, you're just milking it now ;0)


Lucy Diamond said...

I am slightly embarrassed - all right VERY embarrassed to fess up to always having preferred Nick Beggs from Kajagoogoo. He was the one with lots of beads in his hair... Anyone else? Just me?
Just me then. Oh dear.

Jen said...

Oh, Nick Beggs was actually my fave too. There just weren't as many posters of him!

He's still a bit of alright - I'm sad enough to actually Google the Nick Beggs and Steve Askews of my past in gin-fuelled sessions of nostalgia!!

I seem to remember that Nick B allegedly washed his hair in Fairy Liquid to make it fluffy but not-too-shiny.

You sad? Nah. I rock at being tragic :0)

Caroline said...

I got a Cosmo subscription for my birthday. Love it! And I bought OK this week - Simon Cowell, John Barrowman and David Beckham in one place. Perfect.

Lucy Diamond said...

Who is Steve Askew? Who is John Barrowman? I'm worried I'm missing out on something good here. Must go googling immediately!

Jen said...

Ah, now, you've shown your lack of dedication to KajaGooGoo. Steve Askew was the guitarist. Cute smile. Now runs a guitar shop in Barnet or something equally sophisticated I believe.

John Barrowman? Dishy. Something to do with Dr Who. Is in musicals a lot. Hopelessly gay. Sigh :(

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks Jen - you obviously have your finger well and truly on the pulse of Fanciable Men!