Wednesday, 3 January 2007


I'm doing well on the old New Year's resolutions so far - I've put in a new catflap for the cat (giving her more attention as promised, see) and also purchased my first bit of Culture, January's quota, which is Our Mutual Friend by Dickens. Bloody hell, have you seen the size of it? It'll make a lovely doorstop when I've finished it - if I ever get that far, of course. I'm going to be really mean and take it along to our book group next week to see if I can persuade them to read it with me. They'll probably just batter me with it, but never mind. It'll be worth it to see the looks of horror sweep across their faces.

Back to school tomorrow. I am dead organised this term, book bags already by the front door, PE bags packed and ready to go too, along with son's dinosaur collection he's got to take in as part of a new project, water bottles and lunch boxes. Just as well Partner is dropping them off tomorrow otherwise I'd be hiring a mule for the occasion to cart that load down. While he's taking them, I've got a date with our the nursery for her first 'settling-in' session. Eeeek! Child-care is finally upon us. My head says that it'll be absolutely fine - she's two, VERY confident and VERY chatty - she can hold her own, that one, and is used to being around lots of children, having two older siblings. But my heart is saying... (Just went all Olivia Newton John there and had a flashback to her singing Hopelessly Devoted to You in Grease) - yes, well, my heart is going a bit trembly, if that's a possible medical condition. It's the end of an era.

Had a lovely day today though, had to go into town/library this morning to get my mum's birthday present/drop off very overdue books and videos. The kids were really good so I treated them to a Moomins DVD we found in Borders. Remember The Moomins? I read Finn Family Moomintroll to the oldest two over the summer and it was absolutely lovely - so well-written and poetic and just gorgeous. Anyway, the DVD is the old TV series that used to be on when I was younger. I wasn't keen on it at the time but now I'm old enough to appreciate it. Ooh, they don't make 'em like they used to...

Must sort out my accounts now before Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight - I've got a meeting with my accountant tomorrow morning, post-nursery-session, to discuss registering for VAT. ZZZZZZZZ... I can hardly wait...


Kate said...

You're doing well! My resolutions include taking a walk every day and I did it yesterday in the rain and it was FAB.

Re: accountancy, (stand by for hugely dull comment alert) if you're not keen on paperwork, you might consider the Flat Rate scheme, which is what I am on. Charge 17.5 per cent, pay the revenue 10 per cent, pocket the 7.5 with no extra sums.

Kate x

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers for the tip - sounds too good to be true. I will brace myself for another dull conversation with accountant immediately!