Thursday, 4 January 2007

A late start's two o'clock and I haven't written a single word of the novel yet today. How did that happen? (And why am I writing this, instead of cracking on with it, more to the point???)

Anyway, I've had a busy morning, that's why I haven't written a single word. I haven't been sitting here, chewing on a pencil and pondering the intricacies of my sub-plot, or anything quite so literary and novelist-ish. Sadly...

First stop today, then, was the nursery up the road for youngest child's first 'settling in session'. No tears from either of us, so a promising start. Actually, I think she had a really nice time, making teddy bear biscuits, doing Play-Doh and playing with the dolls and babies. We were only there an hour and I stayed with her the whole time to get her used to it, but tomorrow I'll have to try popping out for ten minutes or so and leaving her there ALONE eek. Not sure what she'll think about that. I've already got the screams of MUMMY! ringing in my ears. I'll be running down the street (and into the bakery over the road) chanting, "It's good for her, she's old enough, she'll be fine, and I really REALLY need extra time to work..."

Next stop, the accountant for a brain-numbing talk about fractions and percentages and sums. Bloody hell. He's a really nice bloke, actually, but my brain hurt for quite a long time afterwards. Tax returns and VAT....gah, it's enough to make me fall into a complete stupor.

Then, by the time I'd walked home, it was lunch-time, and then I had to phone my agent and read emails and look at the post and...oh well, okay, a BRIEF glance through the newspaper...

Anyway. That was the morning. This is the afternoon and I must MUST get on with the writing. Kate is zooming ahead and I'm going to embarrass myself if I don't get a move on. And I especially don't want to have to work this evening, not when the Green Wing Special is on....hooray! (What does everyone think of Celeb Big Brother by the way? What is Ken Russell DOING in there anyway? And wasn't H from Steps rather sweet, referring himself to "that blond knob out of Steps"? And what a total prat that Donnie geezer is! Ooh, I'm loving it already, as Davina would say.) But enough celeb wittering. Time for some perfect prose. I'll finish Chapter One today, if it kills me!


Caroline said...

Green Wing Special - I can't wait.
Soooooooo excited!

Lucy Diamond said...

I know, me too! The funniest, funniest programme. Wish they'd do another series. By the way, I don't know if you've seen it before, but one of the GW writers, James Henry, also has a very funny blog -
Some consolation for Green Wing finishing!