Tuesday, 2 January 2007

I've started so I'll finish....

Hello again,

I'm clocking off now but so far have written 1,600 words of the new novel. That's quite a lot less than I'd usually do on a writing day, but I'm still feeling my way into the story, I suppose. It's exciting, having thought about my characters for so long, to be able to start giving them dialogue and throwing some dramas at them. I'm off!

Really looking forward to This Life tonight - I loved that series. And Celebrity Big Brother starts tomorrow, and then the Green Wing Christmas special on Thursday...Ooh, TV controllers, you are spoiling us with these riches. About bloody time, too, after all the crappy Christmas programmes. Watched Capote on DVD last night - what a vile man he seemed. Good film though.

Last day of the school holidays tomorrow - booo. Partner goes back to work tomorrow - boooo. I've got to break it to the kids that I want to drag them all into town tomorrow - aaargh.
I'll be back to the novel on Thursday though - looking forward to upping that word count!

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