Friday, 19 January 2007

It's all so quiet

I'm having a strange morning. Partner is at work, eldest two are at school and the Babe is at NURSERY! So they're all out, doing their own thing, with just me at home. It's very weird. Bloody quiet too. I'm not leaving her for very long as this is only the second session she's had (and the first one, on Wednesday, I went to get her after an hour because it seemed such a long time to leave her). Anyway. The at-home years are over, it's official. Definitely the end of an era. Very very strange.

Had a tentative chat with the kids last night about possibly moving. Eldest daughter said, Oh, I know, why don't we move to B... Road? (which is the next road down from us, and where one of her best friends lives)
I said, well, actually, we were wondering about moving a bit further, so that we could be nearer the Grandmas.
She said (horrified), but what about school?
Well, I said (braced for the reaction), we'd find you another school. A really lovely one.
Son said (shrugging), I don't mind
Daughter burst into floods of tears. What about my friends? No! I'm not leaving them! I won't go! I want to stay here!

Oh, it was just horrible, she was so devastated at the thought of going. Inconsolable. I felt like such an EVIL WITCH for even suggesting we go anywhere. I wish I hadn't even mentioned it yet, it was stupid of me when we might not go anywhere.

We will all decide together what's best for all of us, I said desperately. SIGH.

Now. Back to work. Bit of a pathetic show on the word count yesterday but next week I'm going to spend all my working days on the novel to get back in the race. I've had some good feedback on the first chunk, with one particularly useful point about the secondary character which I've taken on board, and I'm dead pleased with how it's coming along. Hooray!

This morning, I have finished the second draft of a fairy book and - don't laugh - created a new file called Novel 4 because I've thought of such a brilliant title and new idea for my next novel. I know, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself - Any Way You Want Me isn't out until April, second novel is out in 2008, so if the one I'm writing gets taken on, it'll be 2009... I am mad for even thinking about something so far ahead, but hey...

Off to try and add a few extra hundred now anyway, before I have to fess up to my total at Kate's coffee morning later...


liz fenwick said...

I know what you mean about a quiet house. I have taken the step beyond. Both my boys are now away at school so it's only the dd at home. Mind she can make enough noise but its not the same.......

Good luck on the words. I haven't fessed up yet either!!! Should be writing right this instant but no I'm here!

Caroline said...

Oh. Now I do that too. I discuss things with my children before I'm sure what I want and then I realise that they haven't reacted in the way that I really wanted them to and then I get upset and feel evil and a bad bad mother.

So don't worry. It's all part of motherhood ;-0

Lucy Diamond said...

I so enjoyed the quietness this morning - although I did feel mean for enjoying it... You can't win, can you?

Ahh well. We are almost perfect mothers. If we were any better, everyone would hate us for being smug.