Monday, 15 January 2007

If You're Happy and You Know It

I don't usually work Mondays - usually at this time on a Monday morning I'd be taking the Babe off to Music Club for some rousing singing along of Old MacDonald, If You're Happy and You Know It, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush etc. I know, I know. My life is just too glam for words. This morning, however, I'm working because partner and I have swapped our days around this week although he's out this afternoon, so technically I've only got one and a half days to work this week and... oh, too boring and complicated to talk about any more. Enough!

Fab weekend just gone anyway, kind Aunty S treated my eldest two and me to tickets for Rapunzel at the Battersea Arts Centre. It was absolutely fab, put on by a little theatre company called Kneehigh and it was really inventive and funny and mad. Both my two were roaring with laughter and especially loved the bit where the mean prince got turned into a REAL RABBIT, and was taken around the audience for the children to stroke. Brilliant.

Mad dash back to get the train home as partner and I had a rare NIGHT OUT and I really wanted to get the kids in bed and asleep before friend J came round to babysit (eldest daughter stubbornly resisted sleep but partner went up and did a great psychological master-stroke "We think you're grown up enough now for us to tell you that Jo's coming round to babysit while Mum and Dad go out without you making a big fuss. Good night." It worked, too.) Had a lovely night out, dinner at friends' house over the road. Had such a lush time, I came back and was all for staying put, not moving house. Why would we want to move, when we have such fab friends here and we all love living here so much? Then yesterday I actually had my first little cry about the moving thing (the first of many I am sure), feeling really mixed up and unsettled.

Still. Feel all right today. Must write second draft of fairy story and second draft of new proposal story for Usborne, and check layouts of Oliver Moon Christmas story, so no novelling until Thursday sadly. The good thing about only having a day each week to work on it though is that I'm thinking about it for the other six days, so that when I come to actually working on it, I'm bursting to go. Anyway, better crack on...


liz fenwick said...

Have you made a list of the pros and cons on moving? Sometimes it helps other times its crap.

Your varied writing amazes me. Look forward to seeing the book in April to hear your other voice.

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers, Liz. You're right about doing a Pros/Cons list - I think it will focus us a bit more.

Partner came back from B&Q yesterday with a brochure of sheds (like you do) which had all sorts of gorgeous kids' playhouses in it, too, so have already started softening up the kids: "If we moved somewhere with a big garden, we could get one of those, couldn't we?"

I'm saving the big guns - having a pet rabbit, having their own bedrooms etc - for nearer the time...!