Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The cost of 13 words

[[I have had to delete this post due to an amazing turn of events. My faith in human nature has totally been restored! The world is a truly wonderful place!

And if you're looking to commission a brilliant artist, by any chance, please check out Alice Tait who did the beautiful hand-lettering on Any Way You Want Me (and who is going to do the writing on my website too!)]]


Kate said...

I share your pain, Lucy. Eeeek. People must think authors are made of money.

I had a similar experience because I wanted to use a verse from the classic 99 Red Balloons at the front of my new book: after contacting the music publisher, it turned out it was going to cost me £20 plus VAT per 1000 copies of the hardback, or £15 for the paperback. I do appreciate that the lovely lyricist needs recompense but I doubt much of that would be going to him.

So I have stuck in an anonymous proverb instead!

Lucy Diamond said...

Good move. An anonymous proverb is a bargain!

liz fenwick said...

Excellant News!!!!