Thursday, 11 January 2007

Books and houses

A full day to work on the novel today, having finished the new fairy book on Tuesday. Yippeee.
I'm hoping to make up some ground, to keep myself in the race. I'm planning to get as far as the main character's first cliffhanger oh-my-God! moment (cryptic, huh?) and then cut away from her and start writing a chunk as my secondary character. Dual narrative, ooh, never done one of those before. I just have to hope I can make the voices sufficiently different. Usually my narrative voices come out sounding exactly like... well, like me, basically. Hmmm. I'm hoping to add 4,000 words to my tally today anyway. 3,000 would be all right but a tad disappointing, 5,000 would be great, but anywhere in between will do me.

It's wild and windy here in Brighton, the perfect day to be up in the loft, heater on, cup of tea at my side. Bliss. Got to drag myself out later though for book group this evening. We're discussing Carry Me Down by M J Hyland tonight which I really enjoyed. I can still remember lots of scenes in vivid detail which is always a good sign. I just know one member in particular will slag it off though so I'm looking forward to a bit of heated argy-bargy between us.

It's my turn to provide the shortlist for the next book - even better. Obviously I'm taking along Our Mutual Friend plus The Adoption by Dave Hill, Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel and The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru. The last two have been on my shelves for ages and I'm sure I'll really like them, it's just I keep starting other things instead. Oh, and I might take along On Beauty by Zadie Smith (ditto) purely to wind up my friend C. The usual routine is that, having discussed the last month's book, we take it in turns to provide a shortlist for the next one, then spend ages arguing about which book to chooose from said list. There's no way anyone will go for O.M.F, so I'm guessing the vote will favour either The Adoption or Beyond Black.

Elsewhere, it's like Christmas all over again for us as the post thumps down onto the mat every morning, a great pile of envelopes each time. No, not belated cards, but particulars from estate agents. Obviously we haven't decided whether or not to move yet, we are still researching, but it's very enjoyable oohing and aahing over lovely Cotswold properties. One arrived the other day, way out of our price range, but it was so fantastic - this massive great Edwardian pile with a two-bedroom cottage in the grounds, plus barns and outbuildings. Wrought-iron gates and private driveway too, oh, it just looked amazing. It's tempting to go for a cheeky look round it, just for fun, even though there's no way we'd get a mortgage for it. Sad, isn't it, the way I get my kicks these days?


liz fenwick said...

You will blow us away if you manage 5000 today! I've managed 2000 today. My last book had three different voices which I loved writing - all very different. The current book has only two and I am not finding any problem so far keeping them separate (38 yr old and a 15 yr old)

Just realised your responsible for the 'lovely' books floating around my dd bedroom! She loves them.

Enjoy the house hunting. Go and look. Call it research to make you feel better.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Liz,

I think 5,000 is a bit optimistic - I've managed 3,000 so far but it's been a struggle today.

Glad your daughter likes my not-to-be-mentioned books, by the way - cheers!

Lucy Diamond said...

Update...a mighty 5,7051 words today. YESSSSS!

Caroline said...

omg Lucy! you are a fast typer ;-0 that is an amazing total for the day!!!

My bookclub thingy has chosen an autobiography this month. Red carpets and banana skins I think ... may have that the wrong way around though. I'm all a flutter and cold and feeling sorry for myself. I have managed -minus 13,027 words this week!

liz fenwick said...

You are amazing!!! Did it feel wonderful?

Kate said...

I've never managed that much in one day, you are stellar! Well done....

Kate x

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh dear - managed to add an extra digit to my word count in the excitement. Not 57051 words at all, but 5,751.

It did feel wonderful, though. I just hope I don't go back to it next week and think what a load of rubbish!