Monday, 22 January 2007

All Extremely Exciting. Apart from one thing.

Exciting news from Pan re the marketing campaign they've put together for Any Way You Want Me. Ooooooh...all sounds brilliant. Not sure if I can blog about it so better not say any more now, but I'm dead excited. I've been sent a Q and A to do for their website, so must think up some answers that make me sound brainy and intellectual rather than a halfwit, ie to the What are you reading at the moment? question, I must NOT answer, an article about raising goats in Let's Move to the Country...

I've also had an exciting email from another publisher asking if I'd be interested in writing this new teenage series they're putting together. Ooooh. I read the brief and it sounds absolutely brilliant, a fantastic idea for a series and I can imagine it would be really good fun to write AND high profile too, I bet. I don't know if I'll have time to do this though, seems quite a tight deadline. Hmmmm.

Struggled a bit on the novel today - initially putting in too much back story and slowing the pace down, and then going back over it, breaking up the back story and putting in more action and dialogue to keep it moving along. Gaaaah, not very satisfying but creeping nearer 15,000 words which is good.

Better go and supervise three small children brushing their teeth now. The excitement just doesn't stop in this house, I can tell you.


Caroline said...

I aspire to be like you!
And when I can write all day and get emails offering exciting projects, I'm going to come and tell you and you can smile with me.
Go girl! You deserve lots of nice things.

So are you going to move????


liz fenwick said...

Fantastic stuff! Will you have time to move?

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers, both of you. (And Caroline, I'm already smiling with you!)

Still swinging between wanting to move and stay - daughter still adamant that she's not going anywhere, but I keep seeing really nice houses on the internet that I can imagine myself living in, so hmmm... Not sure yet. Currently repainting and sanding and scraping and decluttering our own house so that if we do decide to go it'll be ready to go on the market by Easter. Eeeekk!

liz fenwick said...

With all that how do you find time to write????

Caroline said...

OMG! You are going to move! Fantastic. It's a new adventure. New house ... then new baby ... then take over the world! Fabulous!


Lucy Diamond said... said anything about a new baby, steady on! If my other half reads this he'll go into a state of shock!