Tuesday, 30 January 2007

They're called WHAT?

This really made me laugh yesterday. My daughters are very keen on those godawful Sylvanian Families toys at the moment - if you didn't know, they are outrageously overpriced little animals with their own overpriced clothes, houses, accessories etc. They come in little families with rather twee names, things like Juniper and Bramble etc - apart from the mouse family who, I noticed in the Sylvanian catalogue yesterday, have little baby boy and girl mice called.... Neil and Christine Hamilton!! How bizarre is that? You just couldn't make it up. I will try and find a link so that you can see Neil and Christine in their little pastel romper suits and pointy white ears.

How disappointing. Just had a look on the website and the mouse babies are now called Matt and Mel Hawthorn, which isn't half as funny. Boooo! Bring back the Hamiltons! I want a mouse Neil and Christine! I demand to know what Flair plc have done with the mouse Neil and Christine!!

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Glossing over

I have finished Our Mutual Friend. HOORAH!!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish it by the end of the month (my N.Y. resolution was to read a new classic every month) but I was babysitting for a friend last night and the TV was so dire I read the last hundred or so pages. What a brilliant book. I loved it. So funny, such insightful social commentary, such fabulous characters and a great plot. What more could you ask for in a novel? Feb's classic: Under the Greenwood Tree. Because it's short...ahem...because I've heard it's fab.

Have had a weekend of baton-passing parenting, you know, where you do single-handed childcare shifts inbetween Things You Actually Want to Get on With. No we-are-fammerly time but never mind. I'm dead chuffed though, having done the windows in our room at last. When we moved here, our bedroom was purple everywhere - it was disgusting, frankly, a really vile sludgy dirty purple colour, oh and hideous textured wallpaper too into the bargain. We stripped that lot off and painted the rest of the room about three years or so ago but never quite got around to finishing off...you know how it is. So we've lived all this time with purple windowframes which has always make the room look a bit crap. Except after a while you stop noticing these things. But the purple is no more! I have sanded and scraped, I have primed and glossed. And they're sash windows too, ie a right bugger to paint. I've already had to scrape a screwdriver between the edges where the primer glued the window shut. What's the betting that, if we do move, the people who move in will promptly rip out all the lovely sashes and stick in UPVC everywhere?

Right. Off to Google some nice houses now.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Thick Mum ruins the day

I am a failure to my children. They have tested my intellect and found it wanting. Just call me Thick Mum from now on. Honest, I don't mind. I'm used to it.

It all started off so well, too! I thought I was being Nice Mum, borrowing this Raven Interactive Game DVD from the library for them (if you didn't know, Raven is this slightly bonkers kids programme with different challenges presented by 'Raven' who is like a mad, Scottish Jamie Theakstone in a black cape). So far, so good. Cries of joy rang around the house when I produced said borrowed Raven game. Hooray for Mum!

Then I put it on and we started playing. I say 'we' but actually some of the riddles and things were a bit hard for a six year old and a four year old so I ended up answering them. Trouble was, the riddles etc were a bit hard for a thirty-six year old woman too (ie me) and I caused our character (Kenra I think we were collectively called) to be caught by a demon. "You got it wrong!" daughter shrieked, bursting into tears. "Now we've lost a life!"
"I hate this game, I don't want to play any more!" wailed son. "Can't we watch CBeebies?"
"Why did you give the WRONG ANSWER?" bellowed daughter, flouncing off. "It's all your fault!"

Bloody Raven, giving the game away, revealing my feet of clay! You're going straight back to the library, pal - and you'll never be allowed back in our house! Not until I've swotted up a bit on my general knowledge anyway...

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Snow glorious snow

Thick snow this morning to screams of excitement from the kids. I remember lots of snowy winters from my (Midlands) childhood but my southerner kids have hardly seen a single flake in their little lives. So they were just wild with excitement, snowballing all the way down to school, everyone hyper in the playground. Dead sweet, really.
I was a bit more bah humbug though, especially after I kept almost falling over. High heeled boots not the most practical footwear for trying to get three kids and buggy down eighty-something snowy steps to get to school. I will have to get myself some wellies, especially if we're about to move somewhere more rural. The glamour is overwhelming.

Just had an email from my agent to say he's sold Hebrew rights to Any Way You Want Me! How cool is that? Practically freezing, I'd say!

Monday, 22 January 2007

All Extremely Exciting. Apart from one thing.

Exciting news from Pan re the marketing campaign they've put together for Any Way You Want Me. Ooooooh...all sounds brilliant. Not sure if I can blog about it so better not say any more now, but I'm dead excited. I've been sent a Q and A to do for their website, so must think up some answers that make me sound brainy and intellectual rather than a halfwit, ie to the What are you reading at the moment? question, I must NOT answer, an article about raising goats in Let's Move to the Country...

I've also had an exciting email from another publisher asking if I'd be interested in writing this new teenage series they're putting together. Ooooh. I read the brief and it sounds absolutely brilliant, a fantastic idea for a series and I can imagine it would be really good fun to write AND high profile too, I bet. I don't know if I'll have time to do this though, seems quite a tight deadline. Hmmmm.

Struggled a bit on the novel today - initially putting in too much back story and slowing the pace down, and then going back over it, breaking up the back story and putting in more action and dialogue to keep it moving along. Gaaaah, not very satisfying but creeping nearer 15,000 words which is good.

Better go and supervise three small children brushing their teeth now. The excitement just doesn't stop in this house, I can tell you.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

No Kidding

I bought a new magazine yesterday. It's called Let's Move to the Country, and is full of gorgeous old barns and flint cottages and people's interior design schemes. There's even an article headed - No Kidding! Could 2007 be the year you decide to keep goats? (short answer - no)

It made me think how my life has been charted by magazines. This is what I mean:

Primary school - Beano, Cheeky Weekly (do they count as magazines? Probably not, never mind, let's move swiftly on to...)

Comp - Jackie, My Guy, Smash Hits, Just Seventeen

Sixth-Form - NME, Melody Maker, Sounds

University - none, too skint

Working Girl - Marie Claire, Time Out

Flat-Buying Girl - Ideal Home, Time Out (still)

Up-the-Duff Girl (I mean, Woman With Child) - Mother and Baby, Practical Parenting

Tired Mum - Red, Eve, heat, Now, anything with gossip on the front cover

Look How Grown Up I Am - Let's Move to the Country!

Sod the goats, though. I'm not that grown up (or mad).

Friday, 19 January 2007

It's all so quiet

I'm having a strange morning. Partner is at work, eldest two are at school and the Babe is at NURSERY! So they're all out, doing their own thing, with just me at home. It's very weird. Bloody quiet too. I'm not leaving her for very long as this is only the second session she's had (and the first one, on Wednesday, I went to get her after an hour because it seemed such a long time to leave her). Anyway. The at-home years are over, it's official. Definitely the end of an era. Very very strange.

Had a tentative chat with the kids last night about possibly moving. Eldest daughter said, Oh, I know, why don't we move to B... Road? (which is the next road down from us, and where one of her best friends lives)
I said, well, actually, we were wondering about moving a bit further, so that we could be nearer the Grandmas.
She said (horrified), but what about school?
Well, I said (braced for the reaction), we'd find you another school. A really lovely one.
Son said (shrugging), I don't mind
Daughter burst into floods of tears. What about my friends? No! I'm not leaving them! I won't go! I want to stay here!

Oh, it was just horrible, she was so devastated at the thought of going. Inconsolable. I felt like such an EVIL WITCH for even suggesting we go anywhere. I wish I hadn't even mentioned it yet, it was stupid of me when we might not go anywhere.

We will all decide together what's best for all of us, I said desperately. SIGH.

Now. Back to work. Bit of a pathetic show on the word count yesterday but next week I'm going to spend all my working days on the novel to get back in the race. I've had some good feedback on the first chunk, with one particularly useful point about the secondary character which I've taken on board, and I'm dead pleased with how it's coming along. Hooray!

This morning, I have finished the second draft of a fairy book and - don't laugh - created a new file called Novel 4 because I've thought of such a brilliant title and new idea for my next novel. I know, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself - Any Way You Want Me isn't out until April, second novel is out in 2008, so if the one I'm writing gets taken on, it'll be 2009... I am mad for even thinking about something so far ahead, but hey...

Off to try and add a few extra hundred now anyway, before I have to fess up to my total at Kate's coffee morning later...

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Wild winds

Oh dear...another half day's work today. I was helping out at the school all morning - high drama there as a large section of the roof blew off in the wind at dropping-off time this morning. It's just a corrugated plastic bit of roof that serves as a porch for three of the classrooms so it won't be too much of a nightmare to fix, but it did mean that two of the classrooms were evacuated, and none of the children were able to go out and play in the nearby playground for fear of further bits of plastic flying off and knocking over little infants. A motorbike has been blown over in our street too - partner has already been out once to prop it back up but it was down in the gutter again when I came past earlier, wing mirror all smashed.

Have managed to send off a revised story to Usborne, as part of my new proposal anyway, which is something. They liked the original story and have asked for five more synopses to make up a new series, which will be fab if it gets through acquisitions. Have brainstormed three synopses with helpful partner (who always has the best ideas) but am going to have to do the rest over the weekend because I'm conscious of not having written any more of the novel this week, eeek, and don't want to be the only one at tomorrow's coffee morning with nothing to report. Have just emailed the first chunk off to another author who is going to critique it for me (panic attack, cold sweat etc) and will now proceed to write - oh, THOUSANDS of words, I should think. Well, hopefully I'll get past 10,000 on my word-o-meter at any rate...

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The cost of 13 words

[[I have had to delete this post due to an amazing turn of events. My faith in human nature has totally been restored! The world is a truly wonderful place!

And if you're looking to commission a brilliant artist, by any chance, please check out Alice Tait who did the beautiful hand-lettering on Any Way You Want Me (and who is going to do the writing on my website too!)]]

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Penny for your greens

I'm really getting into Our Mutual Friend now. Read a brilliant passage last night that I've just got to type out for you. Here goes:

The mature young gentleman is a gentleman of property. He invests his property. He goes in a condescending, amateurish way into the City, attends meetings of Directors, and has to do with traffic in Shares. As is well known to the wise in their generation, traffic in Shares is the one thing to have to do with in this world. Have no antecedents, no established character, no cultivation, no ideas, no manners; have Shares. Have Shares enough to be on Boards of Direction in capital letters, oscillate on mysterious business between London and Paris, and be great. Where does he come from? Shares. What are his tastes? Shares. Has he any principles? Shares. What squeezes him into Parliament? Shares. Perhaps he never of himself achieved success in anything, never originated anything, never produced anything? Sufficient answer to all: Shares. Oh, mighty Shares! To set those blaring images so high, and to cause us smaller vermin, as under the influence of henbane or opium, to cry out, night and day, "Relieve us of our money, scatter it for us, buy us and sell us, ruin us, only, we beseech ye, take rank among the powers of the earth and fatten on us!"

So brilliant, I love that. And sadly, it's still relevant today, almost 150 years later...

Anyway, that's yer highbrow. Here's some lowbrow news. We have persuaded our son to eat vegetables! Not by reward charts or praise, not by threats or firm voices. No, we have totally copped out and are PAYING him to eat them. Yes, he's so desperate to buy some new Lego, we are paying him 1p for every carrot and bit of broccoli and green bean that he eats. It's working, too, don't knock it. We had to cough up nine whole English pence the other day towards the Lego fund. Money can't buy you love, sure, but it can certainly buy you a few vitamins. Hooray for corruptible offspring!

Monday, 15 January 2007

If You're Happy and You Know It

I don't usually work Mondays - usually at this time on a Monday morning I'd be taking the Babe off to Music Club for some rousing singing along of Old MacDonald, If You're Happy and You Know It, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush etc. I know, I know. My life is just too glam for words. This morning, however, I'm working because partner and I have swapped our days around this week although he's out this afternoon, so technically I've only got one and a half days to work this week and... oh, too boring and complicated to talk about any more. Enough!

Fab weekend just gone anyway, kind Aunty S treated my eldest two and me to tickets for Rapunzel at the Battersea Arts Centre. It was absolutely fab, put on by a little theatre company called Kneehigh and it was really inventive and funny and mad. Both my two were roaring with laughter and especially loved the bit where the mean prince got turned into a REAL RABBIT, and was taken around the audience for the children to stroke. Brilliant.

Mad dash back to get the train home as partner and I had a rare NIGHT OUT and I really wanted to get the kids in bed and asleep before friend J came round to babysit (eldest daughter stubbornly resisted sleep but partner went up and did a great psychological master-stroke "We think you're grown up enough now for us to tell you that Jo's coming round to babysit while Mum and Dad go out without you making a big fuss. Good night." It worked, too.) Had a lovely night out, dinner at friends' house over the road. Had such a lush time, I came back and was all for staying put, not moving house. Why would we want to move, when we have such fab friends here and we all love living here so much? Then yesterday I actually had my first little cry about the moving thing (the first of many I am sure), feeling really mixed up and unsettled.

Still. Feel all right today. Must write second draft of fairy story and second draft of new proposal story for Usborne, and check layouts of Oliver Moon Christmas story, so no novelling until Thursday sadly. The good thing about only having a day each week to work on it though is that I'm thinking about it for the other six days, so that when I come to actually working on it, I'm bursting to go. Anyway, better crack on...

Friday, 12 January 2007

A heated debate

I am suffering today, the morning after the book group before. Gaaaah. Those women are a bad influence on me. Four out of five of us really liked Carry Me Down anyway, although my friend C, as predicted, hated it. "Why would anyone want to read such a miserable book?" she asked. "I want books about happy things, that cheer me up. I don't want to read grim stuff. God, I hated it!"
You can't read happy stuff all the time, the rest of us said.

Why not? she asked.

Because... Well, that's not real life, is it? we said.

I don't want real life, I want escapism!, she said. I want nice stories with happy endings.

Oka-a-a-a-y. Well, there's no arguing with that. (Except of course we all did.) Anyway, the next book choice is Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel. We all know already that she is going to hate it.

I am about to pop over to Kate's for the Novel Racers' coffee morning to see how everyone is. I am really enjoying being in this race, especially after my triumphant word count addition yesterday. This novel is turning out more light-hearted and girly than the last one I wrote, more fun to write too, and I'm pleased with it so far.

Have a good weekend, one and all!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Books and houses

A full day to work on the novel today, having finished the new fairy book on Tuesday. Yippeee.
I'm hoping to make up some ground, to keep myself in the race. I'm planning to get as far as the main character's first cliffhanger oh-my-God! moment (cryptic, huh?) and then cut away from her and start writing a chunk as my secondary character. Dual narrative, ooh, never done one of those before. I just have to hope I can make the voices sufficiently different. Usually my narrative voices come out sounding exactly like... well, like me, basically. Hmmm. I'm hoping to add 4,000 words to my tally today anyway. 3,000 would be all right but a tad disappointing, 5,000 would be great, but anywhere in between will do me.

It's wild and windy here in Brighton, the perfect day to be up in the loft, heater on, cup of tea at my side. Bliss. Got to drag myself out later though for book group this evening. We're discussing Carry Me Down by M J Hyland tonight which I really enjoyed. I can still remember lots of scenes in vivid detail which is always a good sign. I just know one member in particular will slag it off though so I'm looking forward to a bit of heated argy-bargy between us.

It's my turn to provide the shortlist for the next book - even better. Obviously I'm taking along Our Mutual Friend plus The Adoption by Dave Hill, Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel and The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru. The last two have been on my shelves for ages and I'm sure I'll really like them, it's just I keep starting other things instead. Oh, and I might take along On Beauty by Zadie Smith (ditto) purely to wind up my friend C. The usual routine is that, having discussed the last month's book, we take it in turns to provide a shortlist for the next one, then spend ages arguing about which book to chooose from said list. There's no way anyone will go for O.M.F, so I'm guessing the vote will favour either The Adoption or Beyond Black.

Elsewhere, it's like Christmas all over again for us as the post thumps down onto the mat every morning, a great pile of envelopes each time. No, not belated cards, but particulars from estate agents. Obviously we haven't decided whether or not to move yet, we are still researching, but it's very enjoyable oohing and aahing over lovely Cotswold properties. One arrived the other day, way out of our price range, but it was so fantastic - this massive great Edwardian pile with a two-bedroom cottage in the grounds, plus barns and outbuildings. Wrought-iron gates and private driveway too, oh, it just looked amazing. It's tempting to go for a cheeky look round it, just for fun, even though there's no way we'd get a mortgage for it. Sad, isn't it, the way I get my kicks these days?

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

P L Ahhhh!

A lovely PLR statement has arrived and joy of joys, I have qualified for the maximum payment this time, largely due to having written lots of these books which have been borrowed 20,000 times or so each. I'm dead chuffed. Only 262 authors have managed to crack the maximum payment this year and I'm one of them! I'm especially pleased to see this one has been borrowed 18,021 times as it's the book that gave me my Lucy Diamond pseudonym, hoorah. (In case you're wondering about the secrecy btw, I got into a bit of trouble in the last blog mentioning these books by name and bandying the fact that I'd written some of the series around the internet when it's supposed to be a bit of a secret. Oops.)

Anyway, I'm about to start work - yes, late again today, but I've had a meeting this morning with the guy who designed my website as I've asked him to do a couple more for me - a Lucy Diamond one and an Oliver Moon one (another children's series). Very exciting!
No progress to be made on the novel today, unfortunately, as I've got to work at 'the day job', ie the children's books. Today I'm hoping to finish one of the series that I'm not supposed to blog about, but hopefully will be back to the Big Race on Thursday. I can see several people vanishing into the distance ahead of me already and it's bothering me!

Feel a bit grim today - up half the night worrying about whether to move house or not and if the school I like the look of would have any spaces for my two etc etc. Then youngest daughter was wailing at one a.m and three, so I think I only got about three hours' kip all in all. "Sing me a song" she said when I stumbled blearily in to her room. Not bloody likely, love.

Monday, 8 January 2007

Now that's magic

Have been reading The Magician's Nephew to eldest daughter - remember that one? I enjoyed it so much, despite the rather heavy-handed religious allegorical bits. Great story though.

I have also been enjoying sneaking off to read...

The Smash Hits Yearbook Collection or whatever it's called. Christmas prezzie from my brother and it's ace. Swingorilliant, you might say. I used to love Smash Hits...found myself getting all nostalgic for the Eighties reading all the articles again. Haysi Fantayzee...Jimmy the Hoover... Thompson Twins...all the greats. There's even a huge poster of Wham (Club Tropicana) and John Taylor at the back which gave me a massive Eighties flashback (scary) because as a Durannie I used to have that very same poster on my bedroom wall. John Taylor side, of course, even though I did love Wham too... Those were the days, eh, thirty-something readers??

The Starter Marriage by Kate Harrison - oh, I just loved this, the perfect book to curl up on the sofa with, glass of wine at hand, while the rain is lashing down outside. A fab girly fix, just the sort of thing I like.

Our Mutual Friend by Dickens. Ahh. My January literary challenge. Well, I've only read about 40 pages so far but I'm enjoying it so far. And in the words of the late Magnus Magnusson, I've started so I'll bloody well finish.

I was hoping for some advice on my moving dilemma by the way, you lot. Stop lurking and advise me!

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Should we stay or should we go?

We've been having big life-change discussions, namely, should we move out of Brighton, to be nearer the rest of our families? It really hit me this weekend, not being able to pop over and see my mum on her birthday. It's a four hour drive to get to hers from ours, and the same sort of difference to partner's mum. We got out a map and measured from my parents' house (Midlands) to partner's mum's (West Country), the idea being to find somewhere inbetween both. Cheltenham was the midpoint. So....do we move somewhere near Cheltenham? Or do we stay put?

There are so many pros and cons to the whole thing. We love Brighton. We've made a lot of friends here, the kids have friends here, they go to a great school, we all love being by the sea. But... we don't often see our parents/siblings/nieces/nephews very much, hardly at all in term-time, and I hate that.

If we moved somewhere like Cheltenham, we'd be able to afford a bigger house and garden (our garden at the moment isn't much bigger than a yard - a sloping yard at that). We'd be half an hour from partner's twin brother, and an hour and a half away from our mums.
But... I don't know a single person in Cheltenham or anywhere nearby. It would mean starting all over again, new schools, new job for partner, having to make new friends... And if we do decide to go, it has to be to somewhere that we love so much we want to stay there ten years or so, rather than uproot the kids (and us) again.

I'm stressed now. Aaaargh. We can't do anything until we've made our house look fab and ready to sell anyway, which probably won't be for a year, knowing the speed we do these things. So we'll probably be here for 2007. In the meantime, we've decided to do a bit of a recce in Feb half-term, drive around Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud etc eyeing them all up, asking ourselves if we fancy living there?

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

A late start

Gawd...it's two o'clock and I haven't written a single word of the novel yet today. How did that happen? (And why am I writing this, instead of cracking on with it, more to the point???)

Anyway, I've had a busy morning, that's why I haven't written a single word. I haven't been sitting here, chewing on a pencil and pondering the intricacies of my sub-plot, or anything quite so literary and novelist-ish. Sadly...

First stop today, then, was the nursery up the road for youngest child's first 'settling in session'. No tears from either of us, so a promising start. Actually, I think she had a really nice time, making teddy bear biscuits, doing Play-Doh and playing with the dolls and babies. We were only there an hour and I stayed with her the whole time to get her used to it, but tomorrow I'll have to try popping out for ten minutes or so and leaving her there ALONE eek. Not sure what she'll think about that. I've already got the screams of MUMMY! ringing in my ears. I'll be running down the street (and into the bakery over the road) chanting, "It's good for her, she's old enough, she'll be fine, and I really REALLY need extra time to work..."

Next stop, the accountant for a brain-numbing talk about fractions and percentages and sums. Bloody hell. He's a really nice bloke, actually, but my brain hurt for quite a long time afterwards. Tax returns and VAT....gah, it's enough to make me fall into a complete stupor.

Then, by the time I'd walked home, it was lunch-time, and then I had to phone my agent and read emails and look at the post and...oh well, okay, a BRIEF glance through the newspaper...

Anyway. That was the morning. This is the afternoon and I must MUST get on with the writing. Kate is zooming ahead and I'm going to embarrass myself if I don't get a move on. And I especially don't want to have to work this evening, not when the Green Wing Special is on....hooray! (What does everyone think of Celeb Big Brother by the way? What is Ken Russell DOING in there anyway? And wasn't H from Steps rather sweet, referring himself to "that blond knob out of Steps"? And what a total prat that Donnie geezer is! Ooh, I'm loving it already, as Davina would say.) But enough celeb wittering. Time for some perfect prose. I'll finish Chapter One today, if it kills me!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007


I'm doing well on the old New Year's resolutions so far - I've put in a new catflap for the cat (giving her more attention as promised, see) and also purchased my first bit of Culture, January's quota, which is Our Mutual Friend by Dickens. Bloody hell, have you seen the size of it? It'll make a lovely doorstop when I've finished it - if I ever get that far, of course. I'm going to be really mean and take it along to our book group next week to see if I can persuade them to read it with me. They'll probably just batter me with it, but never mind. It'll be worth it to see the looks of horror sweep across their faces.

Back to school tomorrow. I am dead organised this term, book bags already by the front door, PE bags packed and ready to go too, along with son's dinosaur collection he's got to take in as part of a new project, water bottles and lunch boxes. Just as well Partner is dropping them off tomorrow otherwise I'd be hiring a mule for the occasion to cart that load down. While he's taking them, I've got a date with our youngest...at the nursery for her first 'settling-in' session. Eeeek! Child-care is finally upon us. My head says that it'll be absolutely fine - she's two, VERY confident and VERY chatty - she can hold her own, that one, and is used to being around lots of children, having two older siblings. But my heart is saying... (Just went all Olivia Newton John there and had a flashback to her singing Hopelessly Devoted to You in Grease) - yes, well, my heart is going a bit trembly, if that's a possible medical condition. It's the end of an era.

Had a lovely day today though, had to go into town/library this morning to get my mum's birthday present/drop off very overdue books and videos. The kids were really good so I treated them to a Moomins DVD we found in Borders. Remember The Moomins? I read Finn Family Moomintroll to the oldest two over the summer and it was absolutely lovely - so well-written and poetic and just gorgeous. Anyway, the DVD is the old TV series that used to be on when I was younger. I wasn't keen on it at the time but now I'm old enough to appreciate it. Ooh, they don't make 'em like they used to...

Must sort out my accounts now before Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight - I've got a meeting with my accountant tomorrow morning, post-nursery-session, to discuss registering for VAT. ZZZZZZZZ... I can hardly wait...

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

I've started so I'll finish....

Hello again,

I'm clocking off now but so far have written 1,600 words of the new novel. That's quite a lot less than I'd usually do on a writing day, but I'm still feeling my way into the story, I suppose. It's exciting, having thought about my characters for so long, to be able to start giving them dialogue and throwing some dramas at them. I'm off!

Really looking forward to This Life tonight - I loved that series. And Celebrity Big Brother starts tomorrow, and then the Green Wing Christmas special on Thursday...Ooh, TV controllers, you are spoiling us with these riches. About bloody time, too, after all the crappy Christmas programmes. Watched Capote on DVD last night - what a vile man he seemed. Good film though.

Last day of the school holidays tomorrow - booo. Partner goes back to work tomorrow - boooo. I've got to break it to the kids that I want to drag them all into town tomorrow - aaargh.
I'll be back to the novel on Thursday though - looking forward to upping that word count!

The challenge begins...

Ooh, lots of bloggers joining the Novel-Writing Race - the pressure is on! Have a look at Kate Harrison's blog for more. I am SO excited about writing this novel, I had four new children's books to deliver in December so it was a horrible hectic month work-wise, but now I've got some time again to get stuck into a NEW NOVEL, and I can't wait. I've got my characters, my plot, my sub-plot and I've even got my killer first line. I'll be posting my word count in the sidebar. Catch me if you can...