Friday, 22 December 2006

You can call me Hugh

Admittedly, I'm not looking my foxiest first thing in the morning (glasses instead of contacts, lank all-over-the-place hair etc) but I received a particularly cutting comment from youngest child this morning. "Look, Mummy, there you on that book!" she cried excitedly, pointing to the dresser where we keep the cook books.

Who was my celeb chef looky-likey, I hear you ask? Was it yummy Nigella? Was it heck.
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. That's who she thinks I look like. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, with a pig under his arm as he appears on the spine of the River Cottage Cookbook. Cheers for that, love. Ta very much.

Still, the day has improved no end since that crushing blow to my self-esteem. A delivery of champagne and note with it so could be mystery admirer but I think it was from WPL who I write a lot of children's books for. Very nice indeed. And - AND! - I am in today's Bookseller in the Paperback Preview for April. Do you want to know what it says? Of course you want to know what it says! Here goes:

Lucy Diamond
Any Way You Want Me
Pan, £6.99, 6th

Debut adult novel with lots of support, about a young, jaded mum inventing a life for herself. It's well written and mothers trapped at home with young children will certainly find lots to identify with.

That's good, isn't it? Well written!!! WELL WRITTEN!!! Cheers, Sarah Broadhurst. Very excited!

Off to buy some sprouts in a minute so better go. This probably my last post until after Christmas now as family due to start descending very soon.
Have a good one!


Caroline said...

You're back!
Oh I've missed you so ;-0
Merry Christmas and huge congrats on the well written. What a fabulous start to Christmas.

Kate said...

Well done to you! Excellent...and good to have you back. Have now fixed the link on mine that takes people to your old, now rudely hosted site,

And thanks for the comment on mine about the Heatseekers, very good news for a gal on her hols to hear.

Kate x

Clare said...


Happy birthday

Or not

As the case may be

[bit fucked]

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello!!! You found me! So nice to see your names popping up again, awww... why did I ever delete the old blog, I must have been mad.
Clare Sudbery, what are you like??!