Saturday, 30 December 2006

This was my Christmas

Hello everyone, hope you had a good one without any tears (to paraphrase John and Yoko).
This Christmas I have mostly been:

making Lego exo-force warriors and Bionicle thingies

constructing Scooby Doo Haunted House game

travelling by train and car to the Midlands and the West Country

swearing over the instructions of a fiendishly difficult electronic marble run (for eight-year-olds my arse)

drinking champagne and gin and wine and saying CHEERS! at any opportunity

consuming my own body weight in Roses and Cadbury's Heroes

tramping over a wintry Brighton beach on Christmas Day

enjoying Big, Tom Hanks at his finest, with the kids

enjoying The Sopranos series two on DVD, without the kids

oohing and aahing and cuddling my lovely baby nephew

making New Year's Resolutions (although definitely not ones denying myself more champagne, gin, wine, Roses or Heroes)

playing with a selection of fairies and their toadstool cottage

reading aloud Clarice Bean/The Hobbit/Captain Underpants

looking for tiny (lost) Polly Pocket shoes

pulling crackers

going crackers.


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