Thursday, 21 December 2006

Singalonga Shaky

I have a reader! How exciting. Hello, whoever you are. Welcome to the new blog. What do you think of it so far? (rubbish!)

Feeling very Christmassy today, have done the food shop and cleaned the house all ready for the invading hordes of family due to descend. We've got ten people staying here - and we live in a three bedroom terraced house, so not exactly spacious. The five of us (me, partner and three kids) are squashing into our bedroom together. Bets are on for who gets the least sleep. Still, nothing can knock my Christmassy mood. I even caught myself singing to Shakin' Stevens as I mopped the kitchen floor earlier... Snow is falling, all around me... etc. God, it's lucky I've only got one reader, isn't it, with confessions like that? Don't tell anyone I just said that, whatever you do. And don't tell anyone that I just emailed my family asking them if they had a Best of Christmas Hits CD to bring along either. I'm such an embarrassment to myself...

We've gone for the comedy Christmas tree this year. Absolutely enormous, scraping the ceiling, it's so huge. It was either that or a piddly little one - no choice really. Everyone who comes round laughs when they see it. It's like a hotel lobby Christmas tree. I love it!

I know what I meant to say. The West Wing! Have you seen it? Of course you have, it's a fact that partner and I are probably the last remaining humans on the planet who haven't seen it. Until now, when we got the first four episodes from the Amazon rental thingy. I'm a bit disappointed actually. The first episode I could hardly understand what was going on (admittedly I was eating my tea at the time, therefore not using my razor-sharp powers of concentration to their max) but the second, third and fourth episodes I COULD understand and... well, it's all right, but what's with the cheesy music all the time? And what's with the rushing up and down corridors all the time? Does nobody ever stand still to have a conversation in the White House? Tell me it gets better. Assure me!

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