Sunday, 31 December 2006

The new, improved 2007 me

So...what's everyone got planned for 2007? Resolutions, anyone?
I'm not a fan of those 'denial' resolutions - ie giving up chocolate, booze, fun etc. I tried that once and it was rubbish, talk about a miserable January. All right, a miserable WEEK in January, but once bitten... I prefer my resolutions to be wildly ambitious ones, that make me feel better just for saying them. I'm an optimist, you see. For instance, here are my resolutions for 2007:

Sort out the house. We've been here four and a half years, but still haven't quite got this place up to House Beautiful standards. The excuse being, of course, that we moved here when our eldest was eighteen months old and I've popped out another two new babies since then so spare time for decorating has been practically non-existent. But - BUT! - 2007 will be different. Spare time will be mine. I will be Farrowing and Balling, Flashing and Cifing left right and centre. That's CLEANING with Flash, not actually Flashing. Well, only in the privacy of... Ahem. Not getting into that here. The loft will be converted from freezing-cold dumping ground of mysterious not-yet-unpacked boxes and "useful" pieces of wood/furniture etc that partner finds in skips/street into luxurious bedroom for partner and self with accompanying en-suite and PEACE and QUIET. Oh yes. This year, it will be different. You read it here first!

What else? I'll be tackling the garden, too. Okay, so I distinctly remember saying this one (and the house resolution) at this time last year too, but that was different. That was last year. This year, I'll get rid of all the weeds, I'll keep the lawn slightly shorter than jungle height, I'll dig and plant and sow. I'll probably be nominated for the Brighton in Bloom award, if such a thing exists.

Resolution number three: I'll be writing a new novel in 2007, too. Novel 3 will be starting this Tuesday, in fact. I can't wait to get stuck into it. And obviously it will be a doddle to write, and probably the biggest literary sensation the world has ever seen. Without a doubt. I'm going to have a race with the lovely Kate Harrison to see who can reach those magical words The End first. Go, team Diamond, go!

Finally, I will be more patient with the kids, stop moaning and of course, complete my Cultural Resolution. And I will be nicer to the cat. Just watch me!


Kate said...

Oh golly, I'd forgotten all about that...still not sure which of two novels to write, better make my mind up!!!

I wonder if we could get more people involved, in a Nanowrimo manner...

Happy New Year!

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