Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Back to the blogface

I'm back. Following my (some would say melodramatic) deletion of the old blog, I missed it so much, I've started another one.

I feel a bit daft. Ssssh, don't tell anyone.


Anonymous said...

I've done the 'I'm leaving' grand gesture too! And I also missed it so came back as this blog. Which was going very well until I suffered severe ennui a couple of weeks ago. So I said as much, took a break and am now back with new resolve. Why should we feel like blogging right through the year!?

Glad to find you here again!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Shirl! Good to see your name again - I will definitely check out your new blog. And yes, why indeed, should one blog all year round? We are keeping our readers on their collective toes, stopping and starting blogs, that's all!